The City offers a variety of grants and funding opportunities to help Regent Park residents, service agencies, and grassroots groups implement their social and economic goals. These grants and funding opportunities are available on a time-limited basis to support new and emerging groups, support sector resilience, as well as encourage resident engagement and leadership development.

In February 2020, City Council approved $500,000 in annual funding over a five-year period ($2.5 million in total) towards implementing the Regent Park Social Development Plan (SDP). These funds will resource the prioritized actions, services and programs identified in the Refreshed Social Development Plan—including new activities, services and initiatives that respond to the four focus areas.

These funds provide grants to community groups that support the prioritized actions selected by residents on an annual basis through a public process managed by the City and the Regent Park Social Development Plan Stakeholders’ Table. The funded initiatives, events or activities enable organizations and members of the Regent Park community to participate in everyday life, providing equitable access to opportunities within and beyond the neighbourhood.

Funded Projects, 2020 to Present

Access to Space

Lead Agency: Neighbourhood Information Post

To explore, identify, and create accessible and supervised informal and formal spaces and community events in Regent Park that bring residents together by removing social and physical barriers.

Amount Invested: $66,000

Access to Recreation

Lead Agency: Yonge Street Mission

Coordinate an advisory group to focus on the removal of systemic barriers and increase community access to recreational and employment opportunities in recreational facilities in Regent Park.

Amount Invested: $70,280

Security Training by InfiniGuard

Lead Agency: Yonge Street Mission

Free security training and mentorship for Regent Park residents in collaboration with InfiniGuard Security and Protection Services. Opportunity for training and employment for at-risk/marginalized youth who have sold or show potential for selling and using drugs.

Amount Invested: $72,900

Access to Sports

Lead Agency: Centre for Social Innovation

The project aims to create social cohesiveness between youth in Regent Park and surrounding communities by creating safety and wellbeing in the neighbourhood and increasing capacity and social connectedness via recreational leagues and activities.

Amount Invested: $47,000

Employment and Economic Development Lead

Lead Agency: Yonge Street Mission

Employment and Economic Development (EED) Lead will build on the recent research exploring Regent Park’s EED needs, gaps, and assets, and bridge the gap between residents and resources in the community.

Amount Invested: $61,500

Regent Park Community App

Lead Agency: Centre for Social Innovation

Creation of an online community communications platform for Regent Park; a one-stop, mobile repository of information, employment opportunities, community news, and an events calendar.

Amount Invested: $35,000

Content for Regent Park TV

Lead Agency: FOCUS Media Arts Centre

Engage, train and support Regent Park residents in the creation of engaging neighbourhood focused video and multimedia content for Regent Park TV.

Amount Invested: $40,500

Youth Empower Youth (YEY)

Lead Agency: Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Club

Youth Empower Youth (YEY) seeks to align programming and responses to support vulnerable youth and the workers that engage them. Four youth researchers have been recruited and will be working with Youth Workers, the YEY Steering Committee, and George Brown College as research partners.

Amount Invested: $110,000

Certificate Course

Lead Agency: Toronto Centre for Community Learning and Development

The certificate course aims to build the capacity of Regent Park residents to participating in Resident Advocacy, Resident Leadership, and Mental Health training to increase residents’ ability to respond to crisis in their community.

Amount Invested: $75,000

In February 2020, City Council approved a $50,000 yearly operations budget to increase resident participation throughout the implementation of the Regent Park Social Development Plan (SDP). This funding is renewed yearly over the lifetime of revitalization and is allocated by the City and with the SDP Stakeholders’ Table.

These funds will resource capacity-building initiatives for equity-seeking individuals and grassroots groups and provide supports that reduce barriers to resident participation. Projects supported by these funds may include:

  • Workshops, training and skill development opportunities to build resident capacity for equitable participation and decision making
  • Resources to reduce and remove barriers limiting resident participation like childminding, interpretation, food and technology
  • Initiatives that enhance outreach, participation and inclusion of under-represented groups in the Social Development Plan processes and structures
  • Honorariums for resident facilitation, administration and skill development positions

Download the fact sheet for more information.

Funded Projects, 2020 to Present

The SDP Bridge Builders A Cultural and Intergenerational Inclusion Project

Lead Agency: Dixon Hall Neighbourhood Services

This project is a skill and capacity development project for connecting with residents who are non-English speaking. It will increase opportunities to reach, consult, inform and work collaboratively with diverse populations, linguistic and cultural groups in Regent Park to engage them in various SDP-related initiatives.

Amount Invested: $17,000

Technology Library & Reducing Barriers to Resident Participation

Lead Agency: Centre For Social Innovation

This project supports residents in removing barriers to participation in Regent Park Social Development Plan (SDP) Stakeholders’ Table, its working groups and committees. This includes the development and monitoring of a Technology Library and other practical supports like food and child-minding. This project also anticipates changing dynamics for meeting as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amount Invested: $7,500

Community Run Website Development

Lead Agency: Centre For Social Innovation

This project is an interim communication strategy to keep the community informed by enhancing and maintaining the community website for the Social Development Plan. The SDP Communications Working Group will use this site to keep the community informed while we build new phone applications that integrate the many communication platforms and channels in the community.

Amount Invested: $7,500

SDP Stakeholders’ Table Administration Lead

Lead Agency: The Yonge Street Mission

This project will engage an Administration Lead to bridge an administration gap in the Regent Park Social Development Plan (SDP) Stakeholders’ Table. This will improve the administrative turnaround, coordination and communication between the community partners leading the implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the SDP in Regent Park.

Amount Invested: $10,500

Capacity Building, Resident Focused Training Modules

Lead Agency: Centre For Social Innovation

This project will provide several key capacity-building workshops with the goal of creating the opportunity for residents to play a meaningful role in the Social Development Plan (SDP). This focused training, leadership and capacity development with Regent Park residents will increase resident participation, leadership and decision making in SDP processes.

Amount Invested: $7,500

The Neighbourhood Grants program makes available grants of $1,000-$3,000 to resident-led groups to help them inspire their neighbourhoods with events or activities. Funded Neighbourhood Grants events/activities help to promote the Toronto Strong Neighbourhood Strategy 2020 (TSNS 2020).

Visit the Neighbourhood Grants web page to learn more.

Funded Neighbourhood Grants, 2017 to 2020

CHYLL (Community Helping Youth Live Large)

‘Karate in the Park’ was a one-day event. It included fun, active and engaging lessons. The karate sessions were led by two former Karate Canada National Championships competitors. The skills participants learned included: basic self-defence techniques, spatial awareness and martial ethics. There was also a nutrition seminar led by two Biology Majors before and after the training sessions. In these seminars, participants learn how to fuel their bodies with the right foods and beverages. We will provide light snacks before and after the Karate-training sessions.

Amount Invested: $1,000

Youth Gravity (2017)

An Olympics for all ages in Regent Park. This event promoted physical wellness and raised awareness about improving the environment through educating people about recycling by hosting intramural events, interactive team games and an art exhibition. Recycling methods (reduce, reuse and recycle) were demonstrated on-site to ensure people are aware of using it to create positive environmental impacts. Local people were also engaged to submit artworks made from reused materials such as plastic bottles, newspapers, cans and clothing. This encouraged people to express their creativity while promoting positive environmental change.

Amount Invested: $1,000

Regent Park Bangali Women’s Group

Anti-bullying workshops will be organized with three different Bengali groups, women leaders, school children and parents. The workshop will be followed by a Community Safety Fair for organizations working on safety issues. The event will increase youth confidence and communication with parents and their ability to resist peer pressure.

Amount Invested: $2,000

People Matter

A “Democracy Fair” held inside the Taste of Regent Park. Activities included a pop-up voting area that focused on core values related to democracy.

Amount Invested: $2,514

Regent Park Sewing and Catering Group

Community Bazaar for the community and grassroots members in Regent Park, Moss Park and St. James Town.

Amount Invested: $2,350

TD Learning Center: Sewing Circle

Community members learned the ins and outs of sewing patterns, dressmaking, shirts, top, boubou and many more styles. Participants can become trained for a second career, a new hobby or to develop new skills.

Amount Invested: $2,305

Regent Park Mothers of Peace

Inter-cultural community BBQ with sports activities for youth and the selling of Regent Park Sewing Collective products.

Amount Invested: $2,695

Employment and Economic Development Social Development Plan Working Table

Facilitated a career fair for residents with agencies and Regent Park businesses by demographic (youth, senior, disability, gender) that linked these demographics by job category (arts, business, trade, non-profit, technical). This was one of the activities that were part of a larger two-year employment strategy.

Amount Invested: $2,000


Project activities included a youth workshop that worked on introducing young individuals to the Write2Right. The program discovers and works on reading and writing skills like poetry, songwriting, personal essays, fiction, etc. Certain techniques were introduced, such as character and plot development, emotional appeal, imaginative language, and more. The main purpose of Write2Right is to keep youth in a safe space and engage to work on an artistic level.

Amount Invested: $3,000

In August 2019, City Council accept a donation of $250,000 from a Toronto resident and long-time City of Toronto staff to fund programs, services, initiatives and events in Regent Park. In summer 2021, the Community Funding Unit will develop grant guidelines and related processes to oversee the distribution of funds to not-for-profit organizations and/or grassroots resident groups within the Regent Park community in line with the goals of the donation outlined by the donor.

In May 2014, City Council approved the creation of a trust fund called the Regent Park Legacy Trust Fund to support community development, capacity building in the community and to sponsor special events for residents of Regent Park. In 2016, a community process was developed and piloted to allocate these resources. In 2021, a planned refresh of the implementation and engagement processes used to access the Legacy Fund is underway.

In addition, program investments have been activated by the United Way of Greater Toronto’s Social Impact Investment Fund (SIIF) and Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC). These grants complement those offered by the City, and further support Regent Park residents, service agencies, and grassroots groups to implement their social and economic goals.