Neighbourhood Improvement Areas:

  • #135 Mornelle Court (Morningside)
  • #136 Kingston Galloway/Orton Park (West Hill)
  • #137 Woburn
  • #139 Scarborough Village

Councillor & Ward:

Paul Ainslie, Ward 24

2019 Meeting Schedule:

Date Location Time
September 18 Cedarbrooke Community Centre, Craft Room – 91 Eastpark Blvd 2-4 p.m.
October 16 East Scarborough Storefront – 4040 Lawrence Ave. East 2-4 p.m.
November 20 East Scarborough Storefront – 4040 Lawrence Ave. East 2-4 p.m.

2018-2019 Priority Actions:

  • Participation in Civic Decision-Making: Develop a joint service plan to increase access, coordination, and investment in community services for Southeast Scarborough Neighbourhood Improvement Area residents
  • Social Development:
    • Implement a variety of programs to assist low income parents
    • Obtain resident input on types of programs and services being offered in the neighbourhood
  • Economic Opportunities:
    • Create training and capacity building opportunities for residents to increase the ability to participate in the labour market
    • Explore opportunities with local businesses and employment service providers to increase opportunity/access to employment for Southeast Scarborough residents
  • Social Development:
    • Establish a communication plan to increase information sharing between residents, service providers, business, and government
    • Create a Community Blog/newsletter to keep residents up to date on community events and activities
  • Healthy Lives: Create a health and well-being plan to address concerns identified by local stakeholders — including aspects of community safety and environmental health
  • Physical Surroundings: Create a map of meeting spaces in the neighbourhood
  • Social Development: Develop a networking plan to create opportunities for community members to regularly engage with each other

2017 Priority Actions:

  • Social Development: Supported the Pathways to Education Program with Youthlink by working with high school age youth to discuss families on educational concerns, develop advocacy skills, address financial supports for travel needs, and transition expenses for post secondary application fees.
  • Healthy Lives: Implemented the Healthy Kids Community Challenge to over 70 children, parents, and service providers; promoted healthy eating, physical exercise, and creating healthy literacy for children
  • Physical Surroundings: Revitalized outdoor play spaces at 4100 and 4110 Lawrence Avenue East through a Partnership Opportunities Legacy Fund 2 application; installed a splash pad and skateboard park, and enhanced an older playground with a new surface