Project Background

The City of Toronto’s Vision Zero Road Safety Plan is focused on reducing traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries by making our roads safer for everyone, especially vulnerable road users such as seniors, school children, and people walking and cycling.

State-of-good-repair work, including sewer and watermain replacements, road resurfacing, and road reconstruction, are scheduled in 2022 and 2023. While the design work for 2022 has been finalized, the work in 2023 provides an opportunity to install additional safety improvements.

Project Goals

  1. Improve safety and accessibility for everyone
  2. Maintain access to all businesses, services and residences


Proposed Work in 2023

Map showing the project scope in 2023

Legend of proposed scope for 2023


Watermain replacement and road reconstruction are planned on:

  • Baldwin Street
  • Kensington Avenue south of St. Andrew Street

Watermain replacement and road resurfacing are planned on:

  • Leonard Avenue
  • Augusta Avenue south of Nassau Street
  • Kensington Ave north of St. Andrew Street

Road resurfacing is planned on:

  • Wales Avenue west of Leonard Avenue

Additional street and right-of-way improvements are proposed on:

  • Augusta Avenue north of Nassau Street
  • Nassau Street between Bellevue Avenue and Augusta Avenue
  • St. Andrew Street

Additional pedestrian safety improvements are proposed at the following intersections:

  • Bellevue Avenue and Nassau Street
  • All intersections on Augusta Avenue, between College Street and Dundas Street West
  • Kensington Avenue and Baldwin Street
  • Kensington Avenue and St. Andrew Street
  • Kensington Avenue and Dundas Street West
  • Spadina Avenue and Baldwin Street
  • Spadina Avenue and St. Andrew Street

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Proposed Street Design Principles

The following principles are developed based on previous input and engagement with local residents, businesses, and stakeholders. They are open for public input and we welcome your feedback. Your comments will help inform the preliminary design work, which will be shared with the public in Spring 2022.

Streets are public spaces

While streets are locations for movement, they are also vital public spaces for people.

Streets can transform

Many streets were built and designed in a different era and need to be reconfigured to meet current and future needs.

Design for safety

Streets should be designed so that people walking, shopping, cycling, parking, loading and driving can cross paths safely.

Streets are ecosystems

Well-designed streets act to connect human-made systems and natural systems, and can help increase green space, create shade, manage stormwater and flood risks.