This web page is for information purposes only. If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis, call 9-1-1.


We provide mental health promotion services to community groups and agencies within Toronto who:

  • work with vulnerable and marginalized populations
  • do not have other sources of funding for mental health promotion and consultation
  • experienced a local traumatic or critical event and request brief group psychosocial support

We address mental health using a population mental health approach. We do not provide treatment, counselling or acute mental health care services. For more information about where you can access support and treatment for mental illness or mental health problems in Toronto, please call 2-1-1.


Our Services

We consult and provide information about mental health promotion, mental health services and community resources on topics such as:

  • prevention of intimate partner violence
  • workplace mental health promotion including occupational stress reactions, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, burnout and peer support
  • working with others in challenging situations

We work with organizations to help strengthen their mental health promoting capacity by providing educational workshops and presentations, including:

  • promoting mental health and reducing stigma related to mental illness
  • occupational stress reactions, vicarious/secondary trauma and compassion fatigue
  • psychological first aid
  • gender-based violence prevention

We collaborate with community groups and agencies to assist in:

  • identifying mental health promotion issues and strategies
  • advocating for change
  • program and policy development to meet the needs of the community

The team is made up of Mental Health Nurse Consultants and other Public Health staff. We receive referrals from the community, agencies and the City of Toronto’s Community Crisis Response Program (coordinated by Social Development, Finance and Administration Division).

We provide group psychosocial support following a traumatic event or a critical incident in the community to improve coping and resiliency of those involved. Please note, the Community Support Team does not provide individual treatment, counselling or acute mental health care services