When the healthy term infant is effectively breastfeeding the initial weight loss will stabilize quickly and then reflect a steady weight gain. For more information, see Change to Breastfeeding Protocol: Sign of Effective Breastfeeding (pages 16-17).

Adequate Weight Gain for Breastfed Babies

  • may lose an average of seven to eight per cent of their birth weight in the first few days after birth
  • should regain their birth weight by 10-14 days of age
  • should be gaining weight daily by four to six days
  • should gain 25 – 35 g (0.9-1.2 oz.) per day for the first four months of age

Weight Concerns

  • seven per cent weight loss that continues after three days is an indicator for early assessment and support of breastfeeding
  • weight loss of more than 10 per cent
  • birth weight not regained by day 10 after birth

Note: Some infants take longer to regain their birth weight. If breastfeeding technique is improving, supplementation may be avoided.

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