Transcription (some part of this report have been blacked out to preserve privacy):

…impressed examiner as a co-operative child and a reasonably steady worker in his stolid, plodding fashion. Group and individual test performances point consistently to below average ability level however. Boy cannot be expected to proceed at the rate of average pupils in the regular academic program. He will always need special help and individualized methods of ¬†instruction. Subject matter will be best taught in his case, by concrete illustrations where ever possible. he will need short, simple learning units and much more drill that brighter pupils require. Emphasis must be placed on improvement in his own achievement as against comparison with the progress of other pupils. It is a real challenge to keep children of this ability level sufficiently encourages so that they use what ability they posses well and freely. When…

…older…should be placed in a non-academic class or school

Recommend: Non-academic programme


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