Community gardens provide access to land within the City parks system, and on other City-owned lands, for groups of people who wish to grow their own plants. Get more information on joining or establishing a community garden below.

To join a Community Garden, find the one you are interested in and contact the Supervisor of the Community Gardens Program. Some community garden may have a waiting list.

District Garden Name Park Address
Etobicoke/York Jamestown Community Garden Masseygrove Park 10 Rampart Rd
Etobicoke/York Panorama Park Community Garden Panorama Park 31 Panorama Dr
Etobicoke/York Cronin Park Community Garden Cronin Park 404 Burnhamthorpe Rd
Etobicoke/York Bell Manor Park Community Garden Bell Manor Park 1 Bayside Lane
Etobicoke/York Gate House Transformational Healing Garden Colonel Samuel Smith Park 3145 Lake Shore Blvd W
Etobicoke/York New Horizons Community Garden Tom Riley Park 3216 Bloor St W
Toronto/East York Youth Garden Dunn Avenue Parkette 186 Close Ave
Toronto/East York Grafton Community Garden Grafton Avenue Park 23 Roncesvalles Ave
Toronto/East York HOPE Garden Masaryk Park 212 Cowan Ave
Toronto/East York Ravina Community Garden Ravina Community Garden 280 Quebec Ave
Toronto/East York West Lodge Park Community Garden West Lodge Park 165 Lansdowne Ave
Etobicoke/York Emmett Ave. Community Garden Eglinton Flats 101 Emmett Ave
Etobicoke/York Rockcliffe Demonstration and Teaching Garden and Greenhouses Rockcliffe Service Yard 301 Rockcliffe Blvd
Etobicoke/York Rockcliffe Seniors’ Garden Rockcliffe Service Yard 301 Rockcliffe Blvd
Etobicoke/York Rockcliffe Juniors’ Garden Rockcliffe Service Yard 301 Rockcliffe Blvd
North York Rockford Park Community Garden Rockford Park 70 Rockford Rd
Etobicoke/York Driftwood Parkette Community Garden Driftwood Parkette 359 Driftwood Ave
Etobicoke/York Oakdale Park Community Garden Oakdale Park 350 Grandravine Dr
North York Eglinton Park Heritage Garden Eglinton Park 200 Eglinton Ave W
North York Lawrence Heights Community Garden Lawrence Heights Community Centre 5 Replin Rd
North York Hopewell Community Garden Walter Saunders Memorial Park 440 Hopewell Ave
Toronto/East York Dovercourt Park Community Garden Dovercourt Park 155 Bartlett Ave
Toronto/East York Dufferin Grove Community Garden Dufferin Grove Park 875 Dufferin St
Toronto/East York Earlscourt Park Community Garden Earlscourt Park 1200 Lansdowne Ave
Toronto/East York Perth Dupont Community Garden Symington Avenue Playground 431 Perth Ave
Toronto/East York Alex Wilson Community Garden Alex Wilson Community Garden 552 Richmond St W
Toronto/East York Alexandra Park Diversity Garden Alexandra Park 275 Bathurst St
Toronto/East York Scadding Court Urban Agriculture Program Scadding Court Community Centre 707 Dundas St W
Toronto/East York Trinity Bellwoods Community Garden Trinity Bellwoods Park 1053 Dundas St W
Toronto/East York Christie Pits Community Garden Christie Pits Park 750 Bloor St W
Toronto/East York Fred’s Wildflower Garden Fred Hamilton Playground 155 Roxton Rd
Toronto/East York Huron St. Garden Lillian H. Smith Park 180 Huron St
Toronto/East York The Beltline Karma Garden Beltline Trail 378 Mt Pleasant Rd
Toronto/East York Ben Nobleman Park Community Orchard Ben Nobleman Park 1075 Eglinton Ave W
Toronto/East York Cedarvale Park Community Garden Cedarvale Park 443 Arlington Rd
Toronto/East York Frankel Lambert Park Community Garden Frankel-Lambert Park 340 Christie St
Toronto/East York Frankel Lambert Park Community Garden #2 Frankel-Lambert Park 340 Christie St
Toronto/East York Garrison Creek Community Garden Garrison Creek Park 1090 Shaw St
Toronto/East York Garrison Creek Community Garden #2 Garrison Creek Park 1090 Shaw St
Toronto/East York Hillcrest Park Community Garden Hillcrest Park 950 Davenport Rd
Toronto/East York Oriole Park Community Garden Oriole Park 201 Oriole Pkwy
Toronto/East York June Rowlands Children’s Garden June Rowlands Park 220 Davisville Ave
Toronto/East York Moss Park Community Kitchen Garden Moss Park 150 Sherbourne St
Toronto/East York Prospect St Community Garden Prospect St 35 Prospect St
Toronto/East York Regent Park Community Garden Regent Park 620 Dundas St E
Toronto/East York Winchester Square Park Community Garden Winchester Square Park 474 Ontario St
Toronto/East York East York Community Centre Children’s Garden East York Community Centre 1081 1/2 Pape Ave
Toronto/East York Greenwood Park Community Garden Greenwood Park 150 Greenwood Ave
Toronto/East York Matty Eckler Community Garden Matty Eckler Playground 953 Gerrard St
Toronto/East York Maple Leaf Forever Park Community Garden Maple Leaf Forever Park 62 Laing St
Toronto/East York The Rail Garden The Rail Garden 450 Woodfield Rd
Toronto/East York Children’s Teaching Garden Jonathan Ashbridge Park 1515 Queen St E
North York Leaside Park Community Garden Leaside Park 5 Leaside Park Dr.
North York Thorncliffe Family Garden R.V. Burgess Park 46 Thorncliffe Park Dr
North York Thorncliffe Park Garden Club Community Garden Thorncliffe Garden Club Community Garden 50 Beth Nelson Dr
North York Thorncliffe Park Garden Club Community Garden – West Side Thorncliffe Garden Club Community Garden Extension Opposite 50 Beth Nealson Dr.
North York Flemingdon Park Community Garden Flemingdon Park 150 Grenoble Dr
North York Dallington Pollinators Community Garden Dallington Park 32 Glentworth Rd
North York Shawnee Park Community Garden Shawnee Park 81 Shawnee Circle
North York Parkview Neighbourhood Garden McKenzie Parkette 293 Doris Ave
Toronto/East York Ashbridges ECO Community Garden Ashbridges ECO Community Garden 101 Coxwell Ave
Toronto/East York Beach Community Edible Garden Ashbridges Bay Park 1561 Lakeshore Blvd E
Toronto/East York East York Community Garden Stan Wadlow Park 9 Haldon Ave
Scarborough Prairie Drive Park Community Garden Prairie Drive Park 70 Prairie Dr
Scarborough Prairie Drive Park Community Garden #2 Prairie Drive Park 70 Prairie Dr
Scarborough Brimley Acres Community Garden Thomson Memorial Park 1005 Brimley Rd
Scarborough Chester Le Olive Community Garden Chester Le Park 255 Chester Le Blvd
Scarborough Scarborough Village Community Garden Fred Johnson Park 3630 Kingston Rd
Scarborough Roots of Scarborough East (ROSE) Community Garden East Scarborough Storefront 4040 Lawrence Ave E
Scarborough Bob Hunter Community Garden Bob Hunter Park 1025 Meadowvale Rd
Scarborough Littles Rd Park Community Garden Littles Park 30 Littles Rd
Scarborough Neilson Park Community Garden Neilson Park 1555 Neilson Rd

To start a Community Garden, at least five community members must be accountable for the upkeep of the garden.  Each group needs a garden coordinator, who will oversee the project and work with the City to gain support.The city provides support with the site selection process. First you may identify a location or locations that are appropriate sites for your community garden. The site should be safe enough for people to work.

  • Contact the Supervisor of Community Gardens Program and identify the specific location
  • The Supervisor of Community Gardens Program investigates title history of the site to determine ownership (City or private), and other conditions for use of the site
  • The site will be reviewed by Parks, Forestry and Recreation staff, ensuring that electrical, gas or telephone lines have been clearly identified so that there will not be any disruption to these utilities
  • The City may assist with installation of the garden, if resources are available
  • Ongoing technical support will be provided, as required

Before the Supervisor of Community Gardens Program can offer support, a site plan must be submitted. See section below called, Submit a proposal for a community garden.

The City’s Supervisor of Community Gardens Program can offer suggestions based on what is ideal for the site conditions: light, soil, and context of the garden. Understanding these conditions can help groups determine the best design.

An ideal community garden site has the following attributes:

  • Receives at least 6 hours of sun per day
  • Close to watering facilities, but does not interfere with any underground pipes or lines
  • Easily accessible for community members
  • Does not affect the community’s enjoyment of other park functions (e.g., dog walking, sports, permits, etc.)

In order to receive help to create a garden, representatives of the community group must submit a proposal to:

Solomon Boyé
301 Rockcliffe Blvd.
Toronto, Ontario M6N 4R8
Phone: (416) 392-7800
Fax: (416) 392-1335

The proposal requires a description of the group, including:

  • its members
  • its experience doing projects together
  • its purpose
  • its organization and decision-making structure
  • the time commitment of each member
  • the tasks each person has committed to

The group is required to identify a vacant space for a community garden and obtain permission from the City to use it. The group must describe the following characteristics:

  • size
  • present use
  • history
  • access to water, sun and delivery trucks
  • site plans (one plan of site in its current state, and one of the envisioned project)
  • the impact on the neighbourhood
  • organizations which have been, or will be, contacted
  • maintenance schedule
  • list of site preparation needs, hardscape needs, plant needs
  • list of tools and a tool storage plan

Once the proposal has been approved, the group will be eligible to receive technical assistance from the Community Gardens Program.

There is no direct cost to acquiring the space for a community garden but soil tests, tools, compost, compost bins, fencing, or plant material require funding or donations. There are various organizations that provide funding for eligible groups. Email the Toronto Community Gardening Network at as they may be able to suggest potential funders.

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario).

Government of Ontario logo with the following text: Funded by: Federal Economica Development Agency for Southern Ontario. Finance par: Agence federale de developpement economique pour le Sud de l'Ontarion.