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Cartoon animals surrounding the word CampTO, a larger raccoon wears a green staff shirtChildren and youth can be active, learn new skills and make fun memories close to home at the City’s seasonal camps. Learn How to Register for Recreation Programs.

Visit For Parents and Caregivers for day-to-day camp information, including what to bring and details on sign-in/out procedures.

Visit eFun to find camps, locations and times.

Depending on facility location, registration for:

  • Holiday CampTO starts on September 10, 11, 13 or 14, 2022
  • March Break CampTO starts on December 6 or 7, 2022

Find out which date applies to which district on How to Register for Recreation Programs.

How to Register

Visit How to Register for Recreation Programs for information on how to create or manage an account and ways to register for programs.

Free Programs and Subsidies

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Age Requirements

  • In most cases, participants must meet the age(s) specified by the program on the program’s first day. Some programs may allow participants that are younger than the specified age to register. This is done by using an override. Prior to the registration date, contact location staff to request an override. Overrides can’t be processed on eFun.
  • Overrides are not permitted for participants under the age of six.
  • Age requirements are mandated by the Child Care and Early Years Act and by Staff to Participant ratios.

Holiday CampTO is a winter-friendly camp experience that offers outdoor and physical activities, active and quiet games, arts and crafts and nature-based activities. It is available at 20 locations across the city and starts on December 27, 2022, January 2 or January 3, 2023, to align with the winter school break. Children ages four to 12 years are welcome.

To access Adapted and Inclusive Services (AIS) you need an AIS Membership.

If your child needs additional support at camp, complete registration for CampTO programming and then register for Adapted and Inclusive Services by using the appropriate barcode through eFun, the Recreation Call Centre or In-Person (where and when available).

Adapted Holiday CampTO offers a safe, enjoyable and rewarding camp experience for individuals with disabilities, ages six to 24.

We offer supervised care before and/or after camp for children registered in a City of Toronto camp program. Extended hours can vary by location. Register for extended hours on efun.