B-roll and images of the shelter at 705 Progress Ave. in Scarborough. Operated by the City of Toronto, the program at 705 Progress Ave. provides safe, pet-friendly emergency shelter and support services, which includes help to develop a permanent housing plan.


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705 Progress Ave. entrance, a low-rise building with a large metal tree-like sculpture in the front
Front Entrance


monochromatic mural of people with bench in foreground
Mural at Client Reception


laptop, desk and chair in front of a service window
Client Intake Area


industrial kitchen with stainless steel counters and appliances, opening to service window
Industrial Kitchen


Round tables with chairs in a large open room with exposed ventilation and lighting in the ceiling
Dining Hall and Open Program Area Looking toward Kitchen


round table with chair in foreground looking onto background of more tables in program area with artwork on walls and bright skylights in the ceiling
Open Program Area Looking towards Client Service Worker Office


three desks in a row, each with two chairs on opposite sides of a plexiglass divider beside a row of windows
Counsellor Station


Doctor's office with adjustable height bed, stool, chest of drawers, sink and medical equipment
Wellness Room


Single bed with orange bedcovers, a locker and pet supplies in a room with a bright window
Single Occupancy Room (Pet-Friendly) AODA-Compliant


Outdoor patio with interlocking paving stones and white patio furniture
Shelter Patio


Row of top loading washing machines
Client Laundry


washroom, including sink, toilet and shower
Client Washroom


accessible shower with wall bench
AODA Client Shower