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City of Toronto Municipal Code

The Toronto Municipal Code is a compilation of by-laws organized by subject. Each chapter is a by-law. For example, Chapter 591 - Noise; or, Chapter 447 - Fences. Check the list of Recent Amendments for changes to specific Code chapters since the last Code update. Recent amending by-laws must be consulted along with the Code chapter.


Part 1 - Administrative By-laws

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Chapter Chapter Title Recent Amendments
Chapter 1 General Provisions  
Chapter 3 Accountability Officers  
Chapter 4 Adjustment, Committee of  
Chapter 9 Reserved  
Chapter 12 Balmy Beach Park Board of Management  
Chapter 19 Business Improvement Areas  
Chapter 23 Civic Theatres  
Chapter 27 Council Procedures  
Chapter 30 Debenture and Other Borrowing  
Chapter 39 Defence and Indemnification  
Chapter 53 Elections  
Chapter 59 Emergency Management  
Chapter 63 Exhibition Place, Governance  
Chapter 67 Fair Wage 139-2023
Chapter 71 Financial Control  
Chapter 79 Fire Services  
Chapter 95 Health, Board of  
Chapter 103 Heritage  
Chapter 112 Investment Board  
Chapter 137 Library Board  
Chapter 140 Lobbying  
Chapter 142 Local Appeal Body  
Chapter 150 Municipal Law Enforcement Officers  
Chapter 162 Notice, Public  
Chapter 169 Officials, City  
Chapter 179 Parking Authority  
Chapter 190 Polling and Notification  
Chapter 192 Public Service  
Chapter 195 Purchasing  
Chapter 213 Real Property  
Chapter 215 CreateTO  
Chapter 217 Records, Corporate (City)  
Chapter 219 Records, Corporate (Local Boards)  
Chapter 223 Remuneration for Council Members  
Chapter 227 Reserves and Reserve Funds  
Chapter 231 Revision, Committee of  
Chapter 237 Seal, City
Chapter 257 Signing Authority  
Chapter 279 Toronto Transit Commission  
Chapter 329 Zoo, Toronto  

Part 2 - General By-laws

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Chapter Chapter Title Recent Amendments
Chapter 349 Animals 1065-2022, 163-2023
Chapter 354 Apartment Buildings  
Chapter 363 Building Construction and Demolition  
Chapter 387 Reserved  
Chapter 395 Clothing Drop Boxes  
Chapter 397 Community Safety Zones  
Chapter 415 Development of Land 46-2022, 401-2022
Chapter 417 Dust  
Chapter 423 Environmental Reporting and Disclosure  
Chapter 433 False Alarms  
Chapter 441 Fees and Charges 63-2023, 65-2023, 157-2023, 162-2023
Chapter 442 Fees and Charges, Administration of 1142-2022
Chapter 443 Reserved  
Chapter 447 Fences  
Chapter 455 Reserved  
Chapter 459 Filming  
Chapter 463 Firearms  
Chapter 466 Fireworks  
Chapter 470 Fire Safety Boxes  
Chapter 480 Garage Sales  
Chapter 485 Graffiti  
Chapter 489 Turfgrass and Prohibited Plants  
Chapter 492 Green Roofs  
Chapter 497 Heating  
Chapter 510 Holiday Shopping  
Chapter 517 Idling of Vehicles and Boats  
Chapter 519 Infill Construction, Public Notice  
Chapter 520 Inspection Notices, Posting of  
Chapter 545 Licensing  
Chapter 546 Licensing of Vehicles-For-Hire  
Chapter 547 Licensing and Registration of Short-term Rentals  
Chapter 548 Littering and Dumping  
Chapter 553 Lottery Licensing  
Chapter 565 Marijuana Grow Operations  
Chapter 575 Multi-Tenant Houses 157-2023
Chapter 591 Noise  
Chapter 598 Numbering of Properties  
Chapter 604 Packaging  
Chapter 608 Parks  
Chapter 610 Penalties, Administration of  
Chapter 612 Pesticides, Use of  
Chapter 623 Reserved  
Chapter 629 Property Standards  
Chapter 632 Property, Vacant or Hazardous  
Chapter 636 Public Squares  
Chapter 658 Ravine and Natural Feature Protection  
Chapter 659 Refrigerators and Other Appliances, Abandoned  
Chapter 667 Residential Rental Property Demolition and Conversion Control  
Chapter 681 Sewers  
Chapter 693 Signs  
Chapter 694 Signs, General  
Chapter 709 Smoking  
Chapter 719 Snow and Ice Removal  
Chapter 738 Reserved  
Chapter 740 Street Vending  
Chapter 742 Sidewalk Cafes, Parklets and Marketing Displays 162-2023
Chapter 743 Streets and Sidewalks, Use of  
Chapter 758 Taxation, Municipal Accommodation Tax  
Chapter 760 Taxation, Municipal Land Transfer Tax  
Chapter 765 Taxation, Personal Vehicle Tax  
Chapter 767 Taxation, Property Tax 62-2023
Chapter 771 Taxation, Third Party Sign Tax  
Chapter 778 Taxation, Vacant Home Tax  
Chapter 789 Telecommunications Equipment  
Chapter 797 Reserved  
Chapter 813 Trees  
Chapter 832 Videotape Stores, Licensing  
Chapter 835 Vital Services, Discontinuance of  
Chapter 841 Waste Collection, Commercial Properties  
Chapter 844 Waste Collection, Residential Properties  
Chapter 846 Waste Management Facility  
Chapter 849 Water and Sewage Services and Utility Bill  
Chapter 851 Water Supply  

Part 3 - Traffic and Parking By-laws

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Chapter Chapter Title Recent Amendments
Chapter 880 Fire Routes  
Chapter 886 Footpaths, Pedestrian Ways, Bicycle Paths, Bicycle Lanes and Cycle Tracks  
Chapter 903 Parking for Persons with Disabilities  
Chapter 910 Parking Machines and Meters  
Chapter 915 Parking on Private or Municipal Property  
Chapter 918 Parking on Residential Front Yards and Boulevards  
Chapter 925 Permit Parking  
Chapter 937 Temporary Closing of Highways 162-2023
Chapter 950 Traffic and Parking

Note: Schedules have been updated to include amendments up to February 24, 2021. See the By-law Status Registry for listing of amendments to the Schedules of Chapter 950.