Submit an Authority to Occupy permit application by email. Applications must be submitted a minimum of 10 business days before your proposed occupancy date.


Before any part of an unfinished building can be occupied, the structure must meet Ontario Building Code (Division C, Part 1, Subsection 1.3.3.) standards. An Authority to Occupy application is a request for a permit to allow a portion of an unfinished building to be occupied, and is applied for after consulting with the Building Inspector that the building is ready for such a permit.

When making an application for partial occupancy:

  • Keep in contact with other inspection agencies (such as Fire Services and the Electrical Safety Authority) so that you can obtain other required approvals in time for occupancy.
  • Meeting Ontario Building Code provisions prior to inspection will reduce any extra charges.

If you occupy an unfinished building without one, you may be ordered to vacate and other legal action taken against you.