Please Note: For all new Construction Staging Area requests, and requests to extend existing staging permits, the developer is required to review the City website for any possible conflicting Capital Work. For any location showing “Metrolinx Corridor Development Permit” and/or Metrolinx related “Permit Review Zone”, it is the responsibility of the developer to engage with Metrolinx at to obtain the necessary permit, and provide the information to the City as part of the application.

If you are a homeowner or contractor planning a renovation, demolition, construction or landscaping project, you may need to apply for special permits if any part of the work takes place within the public right of way.

Construction Permit

If you plan to complete construction work within the public right of way (the area beyond your property line) you will require a permit prior to starting work.

Municipal Road Damage Deposit Permit

If you have requested a building permit, you are required to complete a Municipal Road Damage Deposit (MRDD) application as a guarantee against damage.

Street Occupation Permit

You will require a street occupation permit prior to starting a demolition, renovation and/or construction project if you are planning to temporarily occupy any portion of the public right of way.

Single Trip Oversize Load Permit

A single trip permit is issued for any vehicle travelling within the City that is overweight for a one-way trip along a specified route for a limited period.