A single trip permit is issued for any vehicle travelling within the City that
is overweight for a one-way trip along a specified route for a limited period.

Criteria for Single Trip Permits

A vehicle (truck + load) which meets or exceeds the following dimension requires a permit from the City of Toronto:

  • Height: 4.15m (13.62 ft)
  • Width: 2.59m (8.5 ft)
  • Length: 21.33m (69.98 ft)
  • Weight: 50,000kg (50 T)

A Single Trip Permit can be obtained from the office in which the trip starts. The permit is specific to the route and time of travel. Normal processing time is 7-10 business days. For exceptionally large or heavy loads, more time may be required. Single trip permits are issued by staff from the office where the route originates (enters the City).

If the load is over 50,000kgs a detailed load configuration must also be submitted with your application and an additional processing fee may apply. The 2023 fee is $66.09 ($58.49 plus $7.60 HST) for each trip/load.

Pilot Vehicle Escorts

Pilot Vehicle Escorts are required when the following dimensions meet and exceed:

  • Height:     4.15m (13.62 ft)
  • Width:      3.7m (12.14 ft)
  • Length:    24.5m (80.38 ft)
  • Weight:    63,500kg (63.5 T)

Applicants are to provide their own pilot vehicles. However, Police Escort can be required when warranted by MTO requirements and City of Toronto special conditions. Applicants have the option of requesting police escorts on their own accord.

Annual Load Permit

An  Annual Permit can be obtained if the vehicle (truck + load) does not exceed the following dimension:

  • Height:     4.15m (13.62 ft)
  • Width:      3.7m (12.14 ft)
  • Length:    23.0m (75.45 ft)
  • Weight:    63,500kg (63.5 T)

The Annual Permit allows the vehicle to travel on most City road (not residential roads or expressways), with certain conditions without date restrictions. A map showing those road and specific conditions is one part of the permit, the other part being a windshield sticker showing the current year. The annual permit expires on March 31 of every year. The Annual Permit can be obtained from the Scarborough Office at 416-396-4245. The 2023 fee is $396.49 ($350.88 plus $45.61 HST) per vehicle.

NOTE: Excess loads are not permitted on Don Valley, Black Creek, Allen Expressway, Kingston Road (areas linking to 401) and the Gardiner Expressway (portion from Humber River easterly). Excess loads are permitted on a portion of Gardiner that used to be QEW, west of Humber River to city border.