Every person who takes out a building permit must submit a a Municipal Road Damage Deposit.


A Municipal Road Damage Deposit (MRDD) permit, is a written and financial commitment from a property owner to submit a deposit with the City as a guarantee against damage to the curb, sidewalk, road, boulevard and other City services located in municipal boulevards, as well as any clean-up of the adjoining street.

Chapter 743-4 of the Toronto Municipal Code requires that any person who requests a building permit, with the exception of any person obtaining a building permit under the City’s Express Services program, complete a Municipal Road Damage Deposit Permit application and pay a deposit of:

  • $3,013.02 (no HST) for Residential Applications (per property) + $87.02 (no HST) non-refundable fee for a total of $3,100.04 (no HST).
  • $7,648.47 (no HST) for Commercial/Industrial Applications (per property) + $87.02 (no HST) non-refundable fee for a total of $7,735.49 (no HST).

This total amount will be collected at the time of building permit application. The non-refundable fee of $87.02 (no HST) will be deducted from the payment at the time of the refund. These amounts are subject to an annual inflationary increase based on the City’s User Fee Policy and change without prior notice.

For Residential and Commercial Applications

In addition to applying for a building permit and paying the municipal road damage deposit, you must submit an application to Transportation Services if you propose to excavate or temporarily occupy any portion of public road allowance.  Applicable fees will be determined and collected at time of application.

For further information, please contact one of the Right-of-Way offices.