If you are planning to temporarily occupy any portion of the public right of way during a demolition, renovation and/or construction project, you will need a Street Occupation Permit.


Prior to starting a demolition, renovation and/or construction project you will require a Street Occupation Permit if you plan to temporarily occupy the area beyond your property line (the boulevard, sidewalk, roadway or public lane) with any of the following equipment or material:

  • Disposal bin in roadway or public laneway
  • Disposal bin and drop chutes
  • Storage of materials and equipment
  • Moving containers
  • Walk-through/staging scaffold, plywood hoarding or covered-walkway
  • Operation of cherry picker, backhoe, fork lift, scissor lift, zoom boom etc.
  • Hoisting with mobile crane or boom truck
  • Hoisting by means of a tower crane/helicopter
  • Swinging of boom and counterweight of tower crane including flying of forms
  • Roof hoist
  • Pumping of concrete and concrete mixer
  • Storage of trailer
  • De-watering hose across sidewalk
  • Chemical cleaning or sand blasting
  • Swing stages
  • Rope, tackle and/or ladders
  • Temporary asphalt access ramp into construction site