Preliminary review of the submitted plans to confirm zoning and applicable law compliance, allowing a complete application for a building permit.

Detailed review of a proposal intended for a future building permit application, to determine zoning compliance and confirm compliance with other applicable law.

All drawings to be drawn on standardized sized sheets, drawn to scale, fully dimensioned, signed and dated.

All drawings, reports, and forms, including the completed Project Review Request must be provided in a PDF format on a rewritable DVD, USB or submitted by email.


Please provide a survey, if available.

Site Plan

A detailed site plan, fully dimensioned and showing adjacent properties and buildings including setbacks.

Floor Plans

Floor plans, fully dimensioned indicating uses of all spaces.

Elevations and Cross-Sections

Applicable elevations and cross-sections.

To submit an application by email, please complete the form and email to, or use the ‘Email’ button on top of the Application Form.

‘No-Wrong-Counter’ Applications

Customers have the option to attend any Toronto Building Customer Service counter to make an application. Customers will be asked to present a re-writable DVD or USB containing all the necessary materials. No paper copies will be required.

The fee for a Zoning Certificate shall be 25% of the total prescribed building permit fee. Additional reviews resulting from a response to an Examiners Notice or the voluntary submission of new information to make minor alterations to a project will be subject to a non-refundable re-submission fee equal to 10% of the initial Zoning Certificate fee or the minimum additional hourly fee, whichever is greater, as per the Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 441.

The fee for a building permit application will be reduced by the amount of fee paid for a zoning certificate provided the application is for the same proposal and made within one year of the date of the issuance of the zoning certificate.

Complete the application form and submit with required documentation.

Application Form