The City of Toronto enacted the Sign By-law in 2010, which sets out regulations for signs used for business identification or advertising purposes. All signs fall within two categories: First Party (to identify a business or service located on the premises) and Third Party (to advertise goods or services not related to the premises). The regulations of the Sign By-law are administered and enforced by the Sign By-Law Unit at City Hall.

Submitting a Sign Application

Find out which forms, documents, and drawings are required to submit an application.

General Sign Inquiries

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about signs in Toronto.

Sign-Related Fees

Review the fees associated with each type of sign application

Sign Complaints & Compliments

Find out how to make a complaint about a sign or service.

Sign Inspections

Learn about when an inspection is required and how to arrange one.

Third Party Sign Tax

Find out more about the annual tax on Third Party signs.