The minimum fee for a Sign Permit is $309.30, which includes a $65.34 fee for the Building Permit.


Be sure to include the area for both sides when applying for a double-sided sign.

If a sign has been put up without the required Sign Permit or variance approval and a Notice of Violation is issued, an Administrative Fee of $891.00 per sign face is added to any sign application.

Wall Signs $34.87 per square metre (minimum of $243.96)
Ground Signs $34.87 per square metre (minimum of $243.96)
Projecting Signs $34.87 per square metre (minimum of $243.96)
Window Signs $34.87 per square metre (minimum of $243.96)
Overhanging Structure Signs $34.87 per square metre (minimum of $243.96)
Roof signs $41.81 per square metre
Topiary Signs $309.29 per sign
Renewal of Sign Permit $20.94 per square metre
Renewal of Topiary Sign Permit $146.47 per sign
Revision Permit $309.30
Administrative Fee (per sign face) $891.00
Transfer of Ownership $198.59
Additional Inspection / Review $87.59
Building Permit (DS) $65.34
First Party Sign Variance (less than 3 signs) $794.29 per application
Signage Master Plan (3 signs or more) $2,969.95 per application
Third Party Sign Variance (1 sign per application) $1,781.98 per application
Appeal of Sign Variance Decision $712.78 per application
Sign By-law Amendment Application $2,969.95 per application
First Party Signs $83.83 (first 2 signs)

$27.94 for each additional sign

Third Party Signs $83.83 for each sign