Service Description

A Signage Master Plan approval is required before a Sign Permit can be issued for three or more signs which do not comply with the provisions of the Sign By-law.

Service Outcome

Signage Master Plan Decision (Approval or Refusal)

A Signage Master Plan approval may be granted where it is established that the proposed sign or signs will:

  1. Belong to a sign class permitted in the sign district where the premises is located;
  2. In the case of a third party sign, be of a sign type that is permitted in the sign district where the premises is located;
  3. Be compatible with the development of the premises and surrounding area;
  4. Support the Official Plan objectives for the subject premises and surrounding area;
  5. Not adversely affect adjacent premises;
  6. Not adversely affect public safety, including traffic and pedestrian safety;
  7. Not be a sign prohibited by ยง 694-15B of Chapter 694;
  8. Not alter the character of the premises or surrounding area; and
  9. Not be, in the opinion of the Chief Building Official, contrary to the public interest

Applicants for Signage Master Plans must establish that their proposal meets all of these criteria in order for the Signage Master Plan to be approved.

The authority to review and make determinations on Signage Master Plan applications for first party signs has been delegated to the staff of the Sign By-law Unit.

Decisions can be appealed within 20 days of the decision, and will be considered by the Sign variance Committee. Any applicant or interested party is able to appeal a Signage Master Plan decision made by staff provided that they fill out the appropriate forms and pay the applicable fees.

Sign Variance Committee

The Sign Variance Committee is a City board that hears appeals of the Chief Building Official’s decisions on variance applications for first party signs and makes decisions on variance applications for third party signs.

Notification and Timing of Signage Master Plan Applications

As part of the Sign Variance Process, the following public notification processes must be followed:

  • A Notice of the variance application must be posted on-site 30 days prior to hearing/decision
  • For First-Party sign variance applications, notices of the application will be circulated to all properties within 60m of the property for which the variance has been applied for
  • Notice of all variance applications will be provided to the Ward Councillor

All drawings to be drawn on standardized sized sheets, drawn to scale, fully dimensioned, signed and dated.

All drawings, reports, and forms, including the completed forms, must be provided in a PDF format.

Sign Copy

Details of the type of copy proposed (i.e. electronic, readograph, static).

Lighting Details

Notes and details about lighting design and illumination levels for the sign.


Fully dimensioned drawings showing the sign proposal and location on the building or lot, including location and dimensions of any other signs on the building or lot.

Site Plan

Showing property lines and setbacks (sign and building) as well as the proposed sign location, the location any other signs on the building or lot.


Photographs of the site and/or building with the new sign proposal (optional).

Ground Signs

Height of sign above surrounding grades. Distance of sign from property lines and street lines.

Wall, Projecting and Overhanging Structure Signs

Depth and height of the building. Clearance from grade to the bottom of the sign. Elevations including storey levels and their heights. Location of windows and other openings.

Structural Information Required

(Required for most signs, other than Window or Painted signs)

Loading Information* (Snow Loads, Wind Loads, Earthquake Loads). Information of Combustion of Sign face/Materials.

For Wall Signs only: Cross section showing the depth of the sign and structural capability of the building or structure to which the sign is attached. Sign weight and attachment details.

For Ground Signs only: Foundation design and attachment details. Soil Parameters.

*where a building permit is required for the sign

To apply for a Signage Master Plan, you will need:

If making a Signage Master Plan Appeal, you will need:

Only electronic applications are accepted, and can be sent via email to Please make sure you send all required forms, documents and drawings in PDF format.

For applications submitted via email, we accept credit card payments over the phone. Please call our main line at 416-392-8000.

Signage Master Plan (three signs of more)

$2,969.95 per application

Appeal of Signage Master Plan Decision

$712.78 per application