Sign Permits

The standard timeline for a Sign Permit application is 10 business days, from the date you have submitted all the required forms, documents and drawings, and paid all required fees. A Fast Track option (two-day review) is available if there are no deficiencies or variances required, and the drawings have been reviewed and stamped by an Engineer or Architect.

If you receive an Examiner’s Notice identifying areas of non-compliance with the Sign By-law or any required variances, you can provide the requested information as soon as you are able, and they will resume the review as soon as their workload allows. There is no standard timeline for an Examiner to review a re-submission.

Sign Variances

The Sign Variance process usually takes around three months, from start to finish. You will receive a Notice to post on site for no less than 30 days, and a Notice will be sent to nearby property owners and residents, along with the local Ward Councillor. A decision will be reached following the 30-day Notice period, the applicant will be notified of this decision and the 20-day appeal period will begin. If no appeal is made, the decision will become final and binding. If the variance is approved, a Sign Permit application can be made.

Sign By-law Amendments

Sign By-law Amendment applications are only considered once each year in the Spring, by the Planning & Growth Management Committee. Applications must be made before December 31 to be considered in the following year.

Preliminary Project Reviews (PPRs)

The timeline for staff to review a PPR is 20 days. The Examiner will provide a PPR Notice identifying any required variances, non-compliance with the Sign By-law or missing information. Be sure to include all required drawings and documents in the original application, as any missing information cannot be sent back to the Examiner; a new PPR application would be required.