The East York Civic Center offers accessibility features; It is important to read the following information regarding Accessibility at the East York Civic Center – Toronto Licensing Tribunal.  If you have any questions or require accommodations, please email us in advance of your meeting date at:  


Walkways and Ramps
Walkways, ramps from parking: Yes
Walkways, ramps from street: Yes
Walkways, handrails on both sides: Yes
(Ramp is accessible at the Visitors Parking Lot)

Entrances and Exits
Main entrance barrier-free: Yes
Barrier-free entrances signed: Yes

Barrier-free path of travel through the lobby: Yes

Accessibility to Elevators: Yes
Buttons in Braille: Yes

Handrails on both sides of stairs/ramps: Yes

Levels and Hallways
All levels accessible elevator: Yes
All hallways barrier-free: Yes

Exterior door to the building fitted with accessible hardware:  Yes
Interior door to the Tribunal fitted with accessible hardware:  Yes
Interior public doorways into meeting rooms accessible: Yes

Barrier-Free Washrooms
Barrier-free Public washrooms: Yes

Public Pay Telephone
Public Payphones: 1
Location:  Main Floor
Phones include volume controls and symbols: Yes

Reception Desk
Reception Desk: Yes, located on second floor – Security Services
Reception Desk staffed: Yes – Security Services
Wheelchair/scooter accessible counter: Yes
Located within accessible path of travel: Yes

Hearing Rooms
Do they have accessible entrances: Yes
How many:  All
Maneuvering room for wheelchairs, scooters and walkers: Yes

Assistive Listening System
Is an ALS available in Hearing Room: No

Public Safety
Does the building have alert and alarm signals that include audible signals: Yes – alert and alarm sounds.
The building does not have audible signals.