If you have submitted an application for a municipal licence, changes to an existing licence, or a renewal and you receive a refusal letter from Municipal Licensing & Standards (MLS), you are entitled to appeal the decision by completing the Request for Hearing form and returning it within 30 days to the MLS office:

East York Civic Centre,
Third Floor,
850 Coxwell Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario
M4C 5R1

Completing the application:

  • If you choose to retain a representative (solicitor/paralegal) to represent you at the hearing, include his/her name, address and phone number on the Request for Hearing form.
  • If you require an interpreter at the hearing, fill in the language you need on the Request for Hearing form. The City will provide the services of a certified interpreter free of charge.

If you have received a letter from Municipal Licensing and Standards requesting you to appear before the Tribunal, you will be notified in writing.

The Toronto Licensing Tribunal will notify you of a Pre-Hearing Conference and/or a scheduled Hearing date.