In 2022, the City of Toronto installed road safety improvements and connections for people cycling between existing bikeways on Scarlett Road and Runnymede Road on:

  • Eileen Avenue (between Scarlett Road and Esposito Crescent), Esposito Crescent and Florence Crescent
  • Pritchard Avenue, Castleton Avenue and Henrietta Street
  • Runnymede Road (between Henrietta Street and St Clair Avenue West)

Along the route, wayfinding signs and markings were installed and safer intersection crossings were provided at every major street. A short section of cycle track was installed on Runnymede Road south of Liverpool Street to connect to the existing bikeways that continue south of St. Clair Avenue West. A new bicycle signal was also installed at Jane Street and Pritchard Avenue.

More details are provided in the Information Panels.


The 1.9 km wayfinding route consists of sharrows (shared lane markings) on Eileen Avenue, Esposito Crescent, Florence Crescent, Pritchard Avenue, Castleton Avenue, Henrietta Street and Runnymede Road, and cycle tracks on Runnymede Road south of Liverpool Street.


A map shows a shared bike route on local streets connecting bikeways on Scarlett Rd and Runnymede Rd

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Between 2019 and 2020, Scarlett Road was resurfaced and new cycle tracks were installed. A new traffic light was installed in 2021 at Eileen Avenue and Scarlett Road. The Scarlett Road Cycle Track expanded the local cycling network, connecting to multi-use trails on the Humber River, Black Creek, Eglinton Avenue West, as well as future bikeways at Scarlett Road Bridge at Dundas Street West and St. Clair Avenue, and on Dundas Street West (2021-2024).


Public consultation on this proposal took place from June 23, 2021 to July 8, 2021.

View the information panels and public consultation summary below: