The Big Data Innovation team was created in 2015 with the mission of leveraging emerging transportation datasets together with existing City data to develop a new understanding of transportation issues across all modes in the City. The Big Data Innovation Team conducts practical analyses of transportation data to be able to more easily measure the impact and benefits of policies and solutions. The Team partners with researchers and will focus on providing excellence in the communication and visualization of findings. The team’s code is Open Source and available in repositories prefixed by “bdit” on the City of Toronto’s GitHub Page.

The Innovation Team will begin by building on some current work being conducted by Transportation Services, including:

  • collaborative effort with the University of Toronto to estimate traffic volumes on all segments of the City at all times, informing the future development of a comprehensive multimodal count strategy
  • partnering with Ryerson University to analyze historical travel data on city expressways and streets and develop strategies for evaluating projects and interventions
  • collecting data to monitor performance of the King Street Transit Pilot Overview
  • developing a Big Data Strategy and Work Plan for Transportation Services to determine ways to make this type of information available to map out how the team will proceed
  • vetting products and services that might be useful in assisting the City in better decision-making and investments