The Toronto Walking Strategy was adopted by Toronto City Council in 2009 to make Toronto a great walking city. Based on months of discussion with the public, external organizations, and relevant City divisions and agencies, the Toronto Walking Strategy includes visionary policy, infrastructure and programming to create a rich culture of walking in Toronto.

The award-winning Toronto Walking Strategy is a 52-action blueprint for making Toronto a great walking city. The program aims to build a physical and cultural environment that supports and encourages walking – with vibrant streets, parks, public spaces and neighbourhoods where people will choose to walk more often. By envisioning a city where high-quality walking environments are seamlessly integrated with public transit, cycling and other sustainable modes of travel, the Strategy sets out a plan that will produce tangible environmental, health and social benefits for residents and visitors to Toronto.

The Public Realm Section within the Transportation Services Division leads and oversees the inter-divisional implementation of the Toronto Walking Strategy. Here is the Toronto Walking Strategy broken into three parts.

Toronto Walking Strategy – Part 1

Toronto Walking Strategy – Part 2

Toronto Walking Strategy – Part 3