As a member of the 100 Resilient Cities Network (100RC), a global community of cities working together to build urban resilience, the City is working to improve our resilience to the physical, social, and economic challenges of the 21st century.

In Toronto, these challenges include climate change and extreme weather, and a variety of issues specific to our city, such as inequality, aging infrastructure, housing, and transit.

Through 100RC, the City will have the facility to share resilience knowledge and best practices, and foster relationships and partnerships with other leading cities. In addition, the City is receiving funding and resources to:

  • hire a Chief Resilience Officer to coordinate, oversee, and prioritize resilience-building activities
  • support the development of a comprehensive Resilience Strategy for Toronto
  • collaborate with the 100RC Platform of Partners to support the implementation of Toronto’s Resilience Strategy, including solutions that integrate big data, analytics, technology, resilience land-use planning, infrastructure design, innovative financing supports, and insurance products

Hired in June 2017, Toronto’s Chief Resilience Officer, Elliot Cappell, will lead the city-wide resilience-building efforts and oversee the development and implementation of a comprehensive Resilience Strategy. The position is fully funded by 100 RC.