Toronto’s Resilience Strategy sets out a vision, goals, and actions to help Toronto survive, adapt and thrive in the face of any challenge, particularly climate change and growing inequities.

This Strategy is meant to light a spark – to drive action at the City and from business, academia, non-profit organizations, and residents to build a city where everyone can thrive.

The Resilient TO Exhibition that supports the launch of the Resilience Strategy runs from May 25 to July 31, 2019.


What is Resilience?

What does Resilience mean for Torontonians and our city?

Resilience Stories

Resilience - As told by our people and communities.

Strategy Process

Developing the Resilience Strategy was a two year process involving consultations with over 8,000 Torontonians and multiple partners.

Toronto's Resilience Challenges

What are some of the top resilience challenges for Toronto?


The Resilience Strategy sets out a list of actions to make our city and people more resilient to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Resources & Supporting Materials

List of resources and supporting materials.