The City invites industry stakeholders to provide comments on the proposed Manufactured Treatment Device (MTD) Guidelines by the April 10, 11:59 p.m. deadline. The City will only take into consideration feedback from industry stakeholders, not private individuals.

The City of Toronto invites industry stakeholders to provide comments on the proposed Manufactured Treatment Device (MTD) Guidelines. To submit your feedback, please follow these steps:

  1. Review the proposed MTD Guidelines.
  2. Please email your feedback using your business email account to Please do not include any personal information in your email.
  3. Technical Appendix B – OGS Review Sheet (Excel format) from the proposed MTD Guidelines is available upon request. Please email to obtain this draft document using your business email account. Please do not include any personal information in your email.
  4. The deadline to submit feedback is April 10, 2020, 11:59 p.m.

Only feedback submitted by industry stakeholders will be taken into consideration. The City of Toronto will not consider feedback from private individuals.

Thank you for your participation in the proposed MTD Guidelines feedback process.

Please note: The City of Toronto reserves the right to publish any or all comments including a portion or a summary of the feedback or responses received, along with industry stakeholder names and organizations. By submitting comments to the City of Toronto in accordance with this industry stakeholders feedback process, the industry stakeholder acknowledges and agrees to any such publication by the City of Toronto of their comments, industry stakeholder name and organization. Feedback will be considered at the City of Toronto’s sole discretion. The City reserves the right to cancel this industry feedback process at any time without notice.

The City of Toronto has developed proposed guidelines for Manufactured Treatment Devices (MTDs). MTDs are proprietary devices used in stormwater management to treat and remove pollutants from stormwater runoff.

The proposed MTD Guidelines are intended to provide guidance for consistent MTD selection, design, and review, taking into account the following key drivers and challenges:

  • The emergence of new and varied proprietary and removal technologies.
  • Advancements in third-party testing procedures, verification and certification processes for performance claims.
  • Changes and constraints related to existing municipal and provincial approvals.
  • Constraints related to municipal operations, maintenance and asset management.

The proposed MTD Guidelines were developed following an extensive review of existing practices across Canada and the U.S., with expert feedback and input from stakeholders including provincial and local regulatory bodies, third-party testing and verification agencies, manufacturers and review engineers.

The City of Toronto plans to finalize and release the new MTD Guidelines in the second quarter of 2020. Once released, the new MTD Guidelines will apply to all new and revised Stormwater Management Reports submitted to the City of Toronto.

Until the new MTD Guidelines are in effect, the City of Toronto’s Wet Weather Flow Management Guidelines (2006) (Appendix B) continues to apply.

The City continues to recognize the use of Oil/Grit Separator (OGS) devices that are certified by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). In addition, the City of Toronto continues to recognize higher removal performance claims for filter devices, if they are supported by field-tested performance data verified under the Technology Acceptance and Reciprocity Program (TARP) Tier II Testing Protocol. As such, performance claims from previous NJDEP-certification which were verified under the TARP Tier II Testing Protocol also continue to be recognized.

The City of Toronto neither requires, specifies, nor approves individual MTD products or brands. Rather, the City reviews and accepts, where appropriate, Stormwater Management Reports prepared by design engineers (i.e., Professional Engineers) on behalf of their respective clients/owners (and not from MTD manufacturers or suppliers). The choice of a MTD in a Stormwater Management Report is solely at the discretion of the design engineer and/or their respective clients/owners.