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The new City-wide Zoning By-law 569-2013 was enacted on May 9, 2013. It has been appealed under section 34(19) of the Planning Act. Even though it is under appeal, the City's Chief Building Official and the Committee of Adjustment will apply the new By-law to applications filed after its enactment. Please consult with your advisors to determine whether the new by-law has any impact.
Amendments to By-law 569-2013 have been incorporated into this office consolidation. The original by-law and its amendments are with the City Clerk's office.
Zoning By-law No. 569-2013, as
amended (office consolidation),
is available in PDF format from the
Zoning By-law 569-2013 homepage
City of Toronto Zoning By-law 569-2013, as amended (Office Consolidation)
Version Date: July 31, 2023 - Including City-wide Amendments up to April 1, 2024
Table of Contents

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Chapter 1Administration
Chapter 2Compliance with this By-law
Chapter 5Regulations Applying to all Zones
Chapter 10Residential
Chapter 15Residential Apartment
Chapter 30Commercial
Chapter 40Commercial Residential
Chapter 50Commercial Residential Employment
Chapter 60Employment Industrial
Chapter 80Institutional
Chapter 90Open Space
Chapter 100Utility and Transportation
Chapter 150Specific Use Regulations
150.5Home Occupation
150.7Garden Suites
150.8Laneway Suites
150.10Secondary Suite
150.13Short-term Rentals
150.15Group Home
150.20Crisis Care Shelter
150.22Municipal Shelter
150.25Multi-tenant Houses
150.30Senior's Community House
150.45Day Nursery
150.48.20Use Requirements
150.48.50Yards Exemptions
150.48.60Ancillary Buildings and Structures Exemptions
150.50Place of Worship
150.60Marihuana Production Facility
150.80Drive Through Facility
150.90Vehicle Dealership
150.92Vehicle Fuel Station
150.94Vehicle Service Shop
150.96Vehicle Washing Establishment
150.100Eating Establishment
150.110Adult Entertainment Establishment
150.120Funeral Home
150.130Firing Range
Chapter 200Parking Space Regulations
Chapter 220Loading Space Regulations
Chapter 230Bicycle Parking Space Regulations
Chapter 280Special Districts - Downtown
Chapter 300Special Districts - Centres
Chapter 400Special Districts - Avenues
Chapter 500Special Districts - Heritage
Chapter 600Regulations for Overlay Zones
Chapter 800Definitions
Chapter 900Site Specific Exceptions
Chapter 970Appendices
Chapter 990Zoning By-law Map
Chapter 995Overlay Maps

Chapter 150 Specific Use Regulations

150.48 School

150.48.1 General

(1)Application of this Section
The regulations in Section 150.48 apply to public schools or private schools.

150.48.20 Use Requirements General

(1)Adult Education School
An adult education school is permitted if:
(A)it is in a building used as a private school or public school or in a building that was originally constructed as a private school or public school; and
(B)the adult education school is funded by the Provincial or Federal government for:
(i)adult English or French as a second language courses delivered by district school boards;
(ii)literacy and basic skills programming delivered by community agencies or district school boards;
(iii)credit courses for adults delivered by district school boards;
(iv)continuing education programs, including general interest courses, delivered by district school boards;
(v)adult Aboriginal language programs delivered by district school boards; or
(vi)Canadian citizenship preparation programs delivered by district school boards.
(2)Day Nursery
A day nursery is permitted in a building used as a private school or a public school, or a building that was originally constructed as a private school or a public school, if:
(A)the day nursery is on the first storey; and
(B)the interior floor area used by the day nursery is no greater than 40% of the interior floor area of the first storey of the building.

150.48.50 Yards Landscaping

(1)Public School, Private School - Landscaping
A lot with a public school or a private school must have:
(A)a minimum 1.5 metre wide strip of soft landscaping, along all side lot lines and rear lot lines; and
(B)a minimum 3.0 metre wide strip of soft landscaping, along the entire length of any lot line abuts a street, excluding areas used for play, walkways, driveways, parking, loading, student drop-off and pick-up, Landscaping Exemptions

(1)Landscaping Exemptions - Existing Buildings, CR and CRE Zones
The requirements of do not apply:

(A)to a lawfully existing building; or
(B)to a building in the CR zone or CRE zone. [ By-law: 1675-2013 ]

150.48.60 Ancillary Buildings and Structures General

(1)Portable Classroom Building
A portable classroom building may be on a lot with a lawfully existing public school or private school if the portable classroom building complies with Section 150.48 and the zone in which the lot is located. Setbacks

(1)Ancillary Building and Structure Setbacks
Buildings or structures that are ancillary to a public school or private school must:
(A)comply with the required minimum building setbacks for the zone in which the lot is located; and
(B)despite (A) above, a portable classroom building must be set back from all lot lines a distance equal to at least half the height of the portable classroom building. Height

(1)Portable Classroom Buildings - Height
A portable classroom building may be no more than 4.0 metres in height.
(2)Calculation of Height
The height of a portable classroom building is the distance between average grade and the highest part of the building, excluding permitted encroachments above the height limit for the zone in which the portable classroom building is located. Height Exemptions

(1)Lawfully Existing Portable Classroom Building - Height
If the lawful height of a lawfully existing portable classroom building in the Residential Zone category, the Residential Apartment Zone category, the Commercial Zone Category, or the IE zone is greater than the permitted maximum height, that lawful height is the maximum height for that lawfully existing portable classroom building.
(2)Addition or Extension or to a Lawfully Existing Portable Classroom Building
Any addition or extension to a building referenced in regulation must comply with the permitted maximum height or be authorized by a Section 45 Planning Act minor variance.

150.48.150 Waste General

(1)Waste Storage
All waste and recyclable material must be stored in a wholly enclosed building, if a public school or a private school is constructed pursuant to a building permit issued more than three years after May 9, 2013.
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