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The new City-wide Zoning By-law 569-2013 was enacted on May 9, 2013. It has been appealed under section 34(19) of the Planning Act. Even though it is under appeal, the City's Chief Building Official and the Committee of Adjustment will apply the new By-law to applications filed after its enactment. Please consult with your advisors to determine whether the new by-law has any impact.
Amendments to By-law 569-2013 have been incorporated into this office consolidation. The web version of this by-law does not include highlighting to reflect the regulations that remain under appeal as a result of appeals to the By-law as adopted on May 9, 2013. Please review the PDF version of the office consolidation for regulations that remain under appeal.
The original by-law and its amendments are with the City Clerk's office.
Zoning By-law No. 569-2013, as
amended (office consolidation),
is available in PDF format from the
Zoning By-law 569-2013 homepage
City of Toronto Zoning By-law 569-2013, as amended (Office Consolidation)
Version Date: March 9, 2022
Table of Contents

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Chapter 1Administration
1.20.1By-law Structure
1.20.2How to Read this By-law -Text
1.20.3How to Read this By-law - Zoning By-law Map
1.20.4How to Read this By-law - Overlay Maps
1.40Zones and Zone Categories
Chapter 2Compliance with this By-law
Chapter 5Regulations Applying to all Zones
Chapter 10Residential
Chapter 15Residential Apartment
Chapter 30Commercial
Chapter 40Commercial Residential
Chapter 50Commercial Residential Employment
Chapter 60Employment Industrial
Chapter 80Institutional
Chapter 90Open Space
Chapter 100Utility and Transportation
Chapter 150Specific Use Regulations
Chapter 200Parking Space Regulations
Chapter 220Loading Space Regulations
Chapter 230Bicycle Parking Space Regulations
Chapter 280Special Districts - Downtown
Chapter 300Special Districts - Centres
Chapter 400Special Districts - Avenues
Chapter 500Special Districts - Heritage
Chapter 600Regulations for Overlay Zones
Chapter 800Definitions
Chapter 900Site Specific Exceptions
Chapter 970Appendices
Chapter 990Zoning By-law Map
Chapter 995Overlay Maps

Chapter 1 Administration

1.20 Interpretation

1.20.1 By-law Structure

(1)By-law Structure and Numbering
This By-law is divided into parts using a numeric decimal system as follows:
20. Chapter
20.10 Section
20.10.30 Article Clause
(2)Numbering of Regulations
Articles or Clauses may be divided further into bracketed divisions known as Regulations with the following structure:

(25) [bracketed numeral]
(A)[bracketed upper-case letter]
(i)[bracketed lower-case Roman numeral]
(a)[bracketed lower-case letter]
(3)Numerical Sequence of Chapters, Sections, Articles and Clauses
The Chapters, Sections, Articles and Clauses in this By-law intentionally do not follow in consecutive numerical sequence in order to reserve space for the placement of future regulations. Reference should be made to the Table of Contents to determine the intended numerical sequence of the regulations of this By-law.

1.20.2 How to Read this By-law -Text

(1)Reference to a Chapter, Section, Article, Clause or Regulation
Reference to a Chapter, Section, Article, Clause or Regulation is a reference to a Chapter, Section, Article, Clause or Regulation in this By-law.
(2)Reference to a Sub-section of a Regulation
If reference is made to a sub-section of a regulation, the sub-section itself may be referred to for the sake of brevity. For example, "" would be Clause 15 of Article 30 of Section 10 of Chapter 20, but may be referred to as "Clause"; so too "" may be referred to as "regulation".
(3)Numeric Reference to a Regulation
A numeric reference may be made to a regulation in this By-law.
(4)References in Square Brackets
Information in square brackets [ ] following a regulation is a reference to the origin of that regulation or to a tribunal decision that approved the regulation.
(A)References to city codes in square brackets, as follows:
(i)EY - for the former Borough of East York; [ By-law: 1774-2019 ]
(ii)ET - for the former City of Etobicoke;
(iii)NY - for the former City of North York;
(iv)SC - for the former City of Scarborough;
(v)YK - for the former City of York;
(vi)TO - for the former City of Toronto; and
(vii)TOR - for the amalgamated City of Toronto;
(B)By-laws are represented in square brackets by city code and by-law number;
(C)Sections of by-laws are represented in square brackets by city code, by-law number and section; and
(D)Ontario Municipal Board decisions are represented in square brackets by "OMB" and the file number.
(5)Reference to Planning Act
A reference to the Planning Act in this By-law, refers to the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P.13, as amended.
(6)Word Usage
In this By-law, unless the contrary intention appears:
(A)words used in the singular include the plural;
(B)words used in the plural include the singular;
(C)"used" includes "intended to be used"; and
(D)a grammatical variation of a word or expression defined or used has the same meaning.
(7)Conjunctions and Disjunctions
Unless the context indicates otherwise:
(A)"and" indicates that all connected items or regulations apply; and
(B)"or" indicates that the connected items or regulations may apply singularly, alternatively or in combination.
If "such as" appears in this By-law followed by examples, the application of "such as" to a definition or regulation is not limited to those examples.
(9)Zone Categories and Zones
Chapters 10 to 100 comprise different zone categories that include one or more zones with the same primary land use permissions. [ By-law: 1774-2019 ]
(10)General Regulations for Each Zone
General regulations that apply to all zones or within a zone category may be superseded by more specific regulations in the zone sections.
(11)Reference to a Zone Category
A reference made to a zone category includes all zones within that zone category.
(12)Reference to a Zone
A reference to a zone includes its zone name, zone symbol, or zone label.
(13)Interpretation of Permitted Uses
A use is permitted in a zone if it is:
(A)included on the list of permitted uses for that zone; or
(B)included on the list of permitted uses with conditions.
(14)When Uses Are Not listed
If a use is not listed as permitted, it is not allowed.
(15)Interpretation of Uses
A listed or defined permitted use may not be interpreted as including any other use.

1.20.3 How to Read this By-law - Zoning By-law Map

(1)Zone Symbols and Zone Labels
The zone symbol on the Zoning By-law Map may be followed by components outlined in the "Interpretation" Section of each Chapter. The zone symbol and components are collectively referred to as the zone label.
(2)Zone Labels and Boundaries
All lands regulated by this By-law are delineated by a zone boundary line on the Zoning By-law Map and identified by a zone label with one of the zone symbols listed in Section 1.40.
(3)Site Specific Exceptions
If a zone label on the Zoning By-law Map has round brackets ( ) with a lowercase "x" followed by a number, the number in the round brackets refers to specific regulations for the lot or area in that zone, found in Chapter 900 Site Specific Exceptions.
(4)Holding Symbol (H)
If an "H" appears in round brackets ( ) in front of a zone symbol on the Zoning By-law Map, the use or intensity of the development permitted by the zone symbol and zone label for that area is restricted to those permitted by the exception in the zone label as described in regulation 1.20.3(3).
(5)Determination of Zone Boundaries
When a zone boundary is located in a public right-of-way, it extends to the centre line of the public right-of-way.
(6)Lots in More than One Zone
If a lot is in more than one zone, the regulations for each zone apply to the portion of the lot within the respective zone.

1.20.4 How to Read this By-law - Overlay Maps

(1)Purpose of an Overlay Map
An Overlay Map may alter, add or remove some of the regulations affecting the use of land within an area depicted on the Overlay Map.
(2)Overlay Maps
The following are the Overlay Maps in this By-law:
(A)Policy Areas Overlay Map, found in Section 995.10;
(B)Height Overlay Map, found in Section 995.20;
(C) Lot Coverage Overlay Map, found in Section 995.30; and
(D)Rooming House Overlay Map, found in Section 995.40.
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