The City of Toronto organizes and hosts public meetings then conducts a poll to determine if there is sufficient interest in establishing a new Business Improvement Area (BIA) or expanding the boundaries of an existing BIA. The areas listed below are under consideration.

  1. Open House
  2. Public Meeting
  3. Public Meeting Results
  4. Economic and Community Development Committee Decision (to proceed to the polling stage)
  5. City Council Decision
  6. Poll Issue Date
  7. Poll Closing Date
  8. Poll Results
  9. City Council Consideration / Decision of Poll Results (to approve the BIA)


The Cedarbrae Markham Lawrence (CML) BIA Steering Committee was officially formed in February 2023 after several months of hard work by business and community leaders in the CML community as a direct result of the hardships businesses incurred due to the pandemic.

Steering Committee

  • Councillor Paul Ainslie – City of Toronto Councillor Ward 24
  • Alicia Viagna
  • Fazil Mirza
  • Dhananjay Shah
  • Shahoud Habib
  • Sanjiv Swivedi
  • Jahesh Patel
  • Tomika Jerrick
  • Jaimin Shah

The steering committee believes investing in community initiatives such as establishing a BIA creates a safe environment where people and businesses can thrive. The formation of a BIA in the neighbourhood of CML in Scarborough will bring visibility to the local businesses and create a strong relationship between the people and the businesses in the community. The steering committee believes the formation of a BIA in CML neighbourhood will:

  1. Create a community of businesses to allow those involved to support each other, and therefore create a stronger community because “together we are stronger.”
  2. Create an identity, promote community by bringing more business to the neighborhood and stimulate business growth.
  3. Create jobs and other opportunities for the people in the community.
  4. Create a platform where the community can showcase their culture and promote a culture of “get to know your neighbour” for a safer community.

Public Meeting Results

A public consultation meeting was held on February 20, 2024, where City of Toronto staff presented an overview of the BIA program and answered questions from potential members. The public meeting was attended by a total of 19 commercial property owners and business tenants. A secret ballot was held to determine if sufficient support to proceed to a formal poll. Of the 19 ballots cast, 16 were in favour of proceeding to the formal poll and three were not in favour.

This result meets the minimum requirements of 50 per cent plus one in order to proceed to a formal poll as set out by Chapter 19 of the City of Toronto Municipal Code. A staff report for a formal poll request is the agenda for the Economic Community Development Committee meeting on April 30, 2024.

Contact Information

For any questions about the Cedarbrae Markham Lawrence BIA Proposal, contact or call 416-392-7183.


The Upper Avenue BIA Steering Committee was officially formed in November 2023 in order to build upon longstanding interest in creating a BIA in the area.

Steering Committee

  • Deputy Mayor Mike Colle – City of Toronto Councillor Ward 8
  • Moji Shayesteh
  • Kevin Lahey
  • Shaina Nensi
  • Dr. Andrew Penuvchev
  • Esther Halevi
  • Marika Vag
  • Keith Ebanks
  • Ellen Somer
  • Shari Bricks
  • Diana Dhalla
  • Nerses Kahkejian
  • Neda Zadeh
  • Cathy Siegel

The steering committee believes investing in community initiatives such as establishing a BIA will lead to the development of a pleasant, safe, walkable, inclusive neighborhood. The steering committee believes the formation of a BIA in Upper Avenue neighbourhood will:

  1. Create opportunities for streetscape beautification.
  2. Create opportunities to hold events in the community.
  3. Create opportunities for area branding and marketing.
  4. Create opportunities to identify, advocate and address ways to strengthen the business community and neighbourhood.

Public Meeting

Tuesday, May 21, 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

2140 Avenue Rd., Armour Heights Community Centre, Room 1

The City of Toronto BIA Office received a request from the Steering Committee to conduct a public meeting to discuss the potential to form a new BIA along Avenue Road and connecting side streets, between Lawrence Avenue West and Joicey Boulevard.

Commercial property owners and business tenants will conduct a vote whether to proceed to the formal polling stage of approval. Proof of Commercial/Industrial Property and or Business ownership is required.

Contact Information

For any questions about the Upper Avenue BIA Proposal, contact or call 416-338-5860.