The City of Toronto organizes and hosts public meetings and conduct polls to determine if there is sufficient interest in establishing a new BIA or expanding the boundaries of an existing BIA.


The boards of management of the Dundas West BIA and Little Portugal BIA have proposed to merge the two Business Improvement Areas and create a single BIA. This proposal grew out of the collaboration between the two BIAs in organizing the Dundas West Festival since 2013.

The general memberships of the two BIAs agreed to begin the merger process at their respective 2017 Annual General Meetings. The boards of management then formed a joint steering committee to guide the process of forming a new BIA that encompasses the two existing two areas. The steering committee developed a communication plan and established goals and objectives for the new BIA.

The proposed new BIA under consideration will generally include properties that front Dundas Street West from Shaw Street to just west of Lansdowne Avenue.

Map of proposed new BIA

The steering committee includes board members from the Dundas West BIA and Little Portugal BIA:

  • Lubo Brezina, Co-Chair – LUBO Design
  • AnaBela Taborda, Co-Chair – IC Savings
  • Shaun Bowring – The Garrison
  • Carlos Dornelas – Brazil Direct
  • Tracy Jenkins – Lula Lounge
  • Alex Kurina – Victory Social Club
  • Roger Silveira – Gayley’s Cafe
  • Maarten Sluyter – Ufficio

The steering committee held two Open House sessions on April 26, 2017 – one in each BIA – to inform the membership and gauge support for the new BIA.

As a result of the positive support, the steering committee agreed to submit a formal request to the City of Toronto to hold a public meeting and invite property owners and business tenant members of the existing BIAs to vote on whether to proceed to a formal poll.

Public Meeting

The City of Toronto BIA Office received a request from the Steering Committee to conduct a public meeting to discuss the proposed expansion.

Meeting details:

Monday, May 7, 2018
6:30 p.m.
350 Dovercourt Road
(Toronto Police Service 14 Division)

Public Meeting Results

The membership agreed to proceed to the polling stage and City Council
recommended that a poll be conducted to determine if there is sufficient
support to create a new BIA.

Polling Dates

  • To be determined.

Poll Results

  • Subject to the above approvals


For information about the proposed Little Portugal Toronto BIA:
Goreti Cardoso or at 416 540-6750

For general Business Improvement Area information:
Ron Nash, City of Toronto or 416 392-7354

On December 5, 6, 7 and 8, 2017, City Council adopted the intention to pass a by-law to designate the expanded Bloordale Village BIA to include properties along Bloor Street West from Lansdowne Avenue to the CNR rail tracks, and also the area between Dufferin Street and Brock Avenue from Bloor Street West south to Croatia Street.

Map of proposed BIA expansion.

Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 19 requires that a formal poll be conducted before passing a bylaw to expand a BIA. A poll on the proposed Bloordale Village BIA expansion was held from February 12, 2018 to April 12, 2018.

See poll results.

A report recommending that the propose Bloordale Village BIA expansion be adopted is scheduled to be considered by the Economic Development Committee on June 11, 2018 and by City Council on June 26, 2018.


At the April 26, 2017 Board Meeting of the Bloordale Village BIA a motion was passed to initiate the process for a major expansion of the Business Improvement Area.

The proposed expansion would extend the BIA boundaries along Bloor Street West from Lansdowne Avenue to the CNR rail tracks, and would also include the area between Dufferin Street and Brock Avenue from Bloor Street West south to Croatia Street.

The BIA board held a general meeting on May 24, 2017, where a vote was taken and passed by the membership to proceed with expansion process.

The BIA formed a Steering Committee, developed a communication plan, and established goals and objectives for the expansion.

Over the next several months, the Steering Committee canvassed the commercial property owners and commercial tenants to confirm the boundaries of the proposed area.

The Steering Committee also complied interviews and signatures of potential eligible members confirming their support to expand the BIA.

The City of Toronto received a request from the Bloordale Village BIA to conduct a public consultation to discuss the proposed expansion. The public meeting was held on September 27, 2017 at 1312 Bloor Street West, where eligible participants voted in favour by a majority to proceed to the formal polling stage.

For Bloordale Village BIA information please contact:

Liza Lukashjevsky, Chair

Tel. 647-529-0127


Bloordale Village Expansion Steering Committee Members:

  • Balbir Dhillon, Discount Optical
  • Oliver Kouto, Bee Shop
  • Liza Lukashjevsky, Nut House
  • Jessica Montebello, D-Beastro
  • Matt Park, Burdock

City of Toronto Contact:

Ron Nash
City of Toronto BIA Office