RecoveryTO is a snapshot of the City’s recovery and rebuild ‘6 for the 6ix’ themes of COVID-19 Recovery-related City decisions, reports, data, dashboards, and media announcements. As a city we are experiencing one of the most challenging periods in our recent history. The economic, social and health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic cannot be overstated. The pandemic continues to have impacts on efforts to advance equity and Indigenous reconciliation throughout our society. While the City continues to respond to the immediate needs of our residents, communities and business, we also continue to lay the foundation and take action for the social and economic recovery of our City.

Partnerships with community organizations, businesses, residents and other governments are key to building back a better City for all. In order for Toronto to effectively recover from the pandemic, everyone has a role to play. Please book your vaccine today.

Check out each of the City’s recovery and rebuild ‘6 for the 6ix’ themes for more information, including how the City has made Equity & Reconciliation an integral part of its COVID-19 pandemic recovery plan.

City Building & Mobility

COVID-19 Recovery-related updates on City building and mobility

Business & Economic Recovery

COVID-19 Recovery-related updates on Business and economic recovery

People, Housing & Neighbourhoods

COVID-19 Recovery-related updates on people, housing and neighbourhoods

Climate Change & Resilience

COVID-19 Recovery-related updates on climate change and resilience

A Well-Run City & City Finances

COVID-19 Recovery-related updates on a well-run City and City finances

Public Health & Safe Reopening

COVID-19 Recovery-related updates on public health and safe reopening

The City manages a diverse range of data sets covering many issues, services and statistics. RecoveryTO has chosen the these “6 for the 6ix” Recovery Themes & Priorities as a nod to current issues in Toronto. Over time the specific “6” may change as we advance our recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.