Toronto’s COVID-19 emergency declaration ended on May 9, 2022. Team Toronto’s vaccination campaign will continue, and Toronto Public Health continues to provide public health guidance to residents and businesses, while still publishing key data and indicators on a regular basis.

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Recent Board of Health reports

  • The Board of Health received a report from the Medical Officer of Health at its March 2022 meeting related to the gradual improvement of public health conditions, and as such, the Board will receive several updates in the second quarter of 2022 related to resuming public health functions and services, exploring new approaches to respond to several health inequities that have arisen during the COVID-19 pandemic, and preparations for a potential future infectious surge
  • In January 2022, the Medical Officer of Health provided an update to the Board of Health, which included information on the City’s continued vaccination strategy and hyper-local vaccination efforts, and requests to orders of government with support the City’s ongoing efforts
  • The Medical Officer of Health presented an update to the Board of Health on the status of the Toronto Overdose Action Plan. (June 2021)

Past reports to the Board of Health are found on the Toronto Meeting Management Information System.


The Board of Health also received the following presentations:

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