The Social Development, Finance & Administration Division provides services in three areas:

All requests for information, data, referrals and assistance will be responded to and prioritized, based on urgency, within two business days. We will proactively listen, acknowledge, identify and collaborate to address customer, City, multi-sectoral, and community partner needs and opportunities. We value the residents and all community partners we work with and recognize their uniqueness and strengths. We will treat all residents, community partners, city staff and multi-sectoral partners with dignity and respect. Our customers will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the quality of the information, data, referrals and assistance provided and whether our response met their needs.

Financial Management Section will provide professional and timely financial services and supports to all of its customers ensuring accuracy, completeness of information, financial compliance and internal control. We will meet customers’ needs with an immediate turnaround time or within an agreed upon time frame.

All requests and inquiries will be acknowledged within two business days. We will collaborate with community, City and institutional partners to ensure that our responses are meaningful, evidence-informed and based on the highest quality of information available. We are committed to solution-oriented service in accordance with the highest standards of professionalism, accuracy, transparency and effectiveness. We welcome feedback on the quality of our service.

All requests for information and data about the demographic and social characteristics of Toronto will receive a response within two business days. Our initial response to requests will clearly indicate whether the request can be fulfilled using publicly available data. For publicly available data, our responses will include a timeline for completion. For data that is not publicly available, our responses will include the appropriate contact information for such requests. We will deliver all information professionally, based on currently available data, the highest quality, and in accordance with applicable laws and policies. We welcome feedback from all clients and partners on the level and quality of services provided.