The City is committed to enhancing the vitality and quality of life for its residents. Through different programs, activities and partnerships, Your Toronto prioritizes environmental sustainability, promotes economic development and champions inclusivity and accessibility for residents. Read how Your Toronto is leading the way.


Your Toronto Invests
Since 2021, through the Main Street Recovery and Rebuild Initiative, the City has supported more than 550 local projects, 656 entrepreneurs, small businesses and 111 community and business organizations.

Your Toronto Plants
The City plants approximately 118,000 trees and shrubs a year, expanding our urban forest and in 2023 funded 44 community-led projects that will create 110 new gardens and an estimated 5,700 square metres of pollinator habitat.

Your Toronto Shelters
In 2023, the City helped more than 5,900 people experiencing homelessness move from the shelter system into permanent housing.

Your Toronto Plays
From 2022 to 2023, the City increased instructional swimming participants by nearly 250 per cent and instructional skating participants by 166 per cent.

Play Mobile provided more than 350 sport programming sessions at more than 200 locations across the city, engaging over 6,000 people in unique sport opportunities.

In partnership with community groups and organizations, the City hosted 52,800 participants across 572 ravine and forest education events.

Your Toronto Moves
Through its Vision Zero program, the City saw a 26 per cent decline in traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries in 2023 thanks to the addition of 188 Watch Your Speed units, 80 additional school safety zones and 290 Red Light Cameras.

Your Toronto Expands/Builds
The City is providing 1,296 new rent-geared-to-income subsidies to help thousands of people stay housed.

Currently, the City has 2,780 affordable rental housing homes and 507 market rent-controlled homes under construction.