Map showing the boundary of Ward 3, one of the City of Toronto's 25 municipal wards effective December 1, 2018. For assistance with the content of this map, please email or call 416-392-8343.

Ward 3 Councillor Office

2016 Census Profile

Ward 3 Profile – 2016 Census

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A road classification system designates streets into different groups or classes according to the type of service each group is intended to provide. This is a fundamental tool for urban development and road management. Grouping roads with similar functions can improve transportation planning, road infrastructure design, maintenance, traffic and road operations.

Every street owned by the City of Toronto has been given one of five classifications (with the exception of public laneways).

Ward 3 Map

City-Wide Maps

Ambleside Avenue (from Islington Avenue to Bentley Drive) Watermain Cleaning and Relining

Archerhill Drive and other local roads Road Resurfacing

Beaverbrook Avenue Sanitary and Storm Sewer Upgrades and Watermain Replacement – Basement Flooding Protection Program

Belvia Road and Fima Crescent Road Resurfacing

Berl Avenue Road Reconstruction and Substandard Water Service Replacements; Delroy Drive Road Resurfacing

Bloor Street West Bridge Rehabilitation over Etobicoke Creek

Canmotor and Plastics Avenue Road Resurfacing

Chauncey Avenue Road Resurfacing

Civic Centre Court Watermain Replacement

Claymore Drive and Other Local Roads Road Resurfacing

Donalbert Road, Dorlen Avenue and Harrop Avenue Road Resurfacing

Downing Street Road Resurfacing

Eglinton Avenue Bridge Over Etobicoke Creek Bridge Rehabilitation

Edilou Drive (from Rimilton Avenue to the Cul-de-Sac) Road Resurfacing

Etobicoke Civic Centre (Burnhamthorpe Road to Civic Centre Court) Watermain Cleaning and Relining

Etobicoke Creek North Trail Construction

Friendly Drive and Other Local Roads Road Resurfacing

Government Road (from Mill Cove to Walford Road) Road Resurfacing

Horner Avenue (from Fima Crescent to Kipling Avenue) and Tupper Avenue (from Towns Road to Horner Avenue) Watermain Cleaning & Relining

Humbervale Boulevard (from Reid Manor to Bloor Street West) Road Resurfacing

Index Road Watermain Cleaning and Relining

Islington Avenue (from Lake Shore Boulevard West to Gardiner Expressway) Road Resurfacing

Kipling Avenue and Horner Avenue Construction work at 435 Kipling Avenue

Lake Shore Boulevard Cycle Track (from First Avenue to Norris Crescent) Concrete Barrier Painting Project

Leland Avenue (from Royal York Road to Fernalroy Boulevard) Watermain Replacement

Lloyd Manor Road (Two Sections) Road Resurfacing

Lothian Avenue (from 91 metres South of Springbrook Gardens to Bloor Street West) Road Resurfacing

Martin Grove Road (from Eglington Avenue West to Rathburn Road) Watermain Replacement

Meadowbank Road, Cowley Avenue and Vanguard Drive Watermain Replacement

Mimico Creek Watermain Relining and Rehabilitation; Soil Erosion Protection Maintenance

New Toronto Street (from Sixteenth Street to Toffee Court) Watermain Cleaning and Relining

Nordin Avenue (from Islington Avenue to Warnica Avenue) Watermain Replacement

North of The Queensway and East of Brawley Avenue Laneway Reconstruction

Old Mill Terrace and Local Road Resurfacing and Watermain Replacement

Ramsbury Road Road Resurfacing

Redcar Avenue (also on Gordon Park Avenue, Latton Road and Cranston Road) Watermain Cleaning and Relining

Reid Manor Park to the F.G. Gardiner Expressway Sanitary Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation

Redcar Avenue (also on Gordon Park Avenue, Latton Road and Cranston Road) Watermain Cleaning and Relining

River Valley Crescent and Other Local Roads Road Resurfacing

Sagamore Crescent Road Resurfacing

Sevenoaks Avenue Road Reconstruction and Substandard Water Service Replacement

Sheldon Avenue Road Resurfacing, Sidewalk and Curb Repairs

Six Points Interchange Reconfiguration

South of Lake Shore Boulevard West and East of Eighth Street (from Eighth Street to Seventh Street) Laneway Reconstruction

South Mimico Trunk Sewer (from Reid Manor Park to the F.G. Gardiner Expressway) Rehabilitation

Third Street (from Brimingham Street to Lake Shore Boulevard West) Watermain Replacement

Thirtieth Street (from Lake Shore Boulevard West to 50 metres North of Elder Avenue) Watermain Replacement and Road Reconstruction

Torlake Crescent Watermain Cleaning and Relining

Tupper Avenue Road Reconstruction and Horner Avenue (from Kipling Avenue to Judson Street) Road Resurfacing

Twenty Second Street (from Lake Shore Boulveard West to Whitlam Avenue) Road Resurfacing

The Westway (from Martin Grove Road to Royal York Road) and Martin Grove Road (from Lavington Drive to Eglinton Avenue West) Road Resurfacing

The City of Toronto ensures that tenants live in safe, well-maintained buildings through RentSafeTO, a bylaw enforcement program. Building owners must comply with the bylaws within the program or face financial penalties.

The information in this report states the results from scheduled apartment building audits conducted by Municipal Licensing & Standards bylaw officers.

RentSafeTO Ward 3 Audit Report