The City is developing a vision and plan to guide growth and future development within the Sheppard Avenue East corridor between Bayview Avenue and Leslie Street. The ReNew Sheppard East Planning Study (Sheppard Avenue East Planning Review) will provide recommendations to clarify, refine, and/or strengthen the existing policy framework, which could include official plan changes, and area-specific planning tools and policies.

To develop a planning framework to guide future development for the ReNew Sheppard East Area. The intent of the study is to refine and build upon the existing and recent planning initiatives undertaken in the area and develop a vision and planning framework for a complete community which supports both the Mixed Use Areas, Apartment Neighbourhoods and Neighbourhoods designations within the study area. The planning framework, in conjunction with a public realm and open space framework, and built form plan, will be integrated with a multi-modal transportation system, a servicing strategy, and policies and/or strategic initiatives to serve the area.

Study Area Boundary

ReNew Sheppard East Study Area Boundary
ReNew Sheppard East Study Area Boundary

On February 2, 2022 that City Planning staff had undertaken and completed the review as directed by City Council on June 26, 2018 and staff were to build upon the completed review and undertake a more fulsome Study of the area with a broader scope.

The Study as directed, is to analyze the streets and block network, parks and open space, an enhanced public realm, heritage, compatible land uses, transportation and servicing infrastructure, community services and facilities, built form character, and redevelopment potential of the area.

History of the Sheppard Avenue East Planning Review

On June 26, 2018 to review the existing policies contained within the Sheppard East Subway Corridor Secondary Plan and the associated Bessarion-Leslie Context Plan for the lands located to the north and south of Sheppard Avenue East between the east side of Bayview Avenue and the east side of Leslie Street.

The review was to analyze the existing and planned built form context to clarify, refine, and/or strengthen the appropriate density and height limitations and other planning and built form policies for the Mixed Use Areas and Institutional Areas in this segment. This review was also to evaluate whether there is potential for appropriate, grade-related, low-rise intensification opportunities on existing older two-storey and three-storey townhouse and apartment building sites in the vicinity of Talara Drive and Highway 401 that are designated Neighbourhoods and Apartment Neighbourhoods.

A Public Open House for the Sheppard Avenue East Planning Review was held on January 27, 2020. The open house was to inform the public of the planning review, allow for questions to be asked and to share comments.

On March 1, 2021, North York Community Council directed City Planning staff to provide a Status Report on the Sheppard Avenue East Planning Review. A Report was presented to Community Council and provided a status update on the review of the Sheppard Avenue East Planning Review and summarized the analysis completed to date, issues that had been identified and next steps for the review.

On June 23, 2021, North York Community Council directed City Planning staff to continue the review and analysis of the policy framework for this segment of Sheppard Avenue East. And to report back with a Final Report by Q1 2022. As the Review continued City Planning staff identified that a review of the existing policies would not be sufficient for this area and became clear that a more fulsome study of the area should be initiated.

Planning staff will consult with the community, including landowners and other stakeholder groups, together with the Ward Councillor, to understand the community’s concerns and develop a vision for future development of the study area.

ReNew Sheppard East Study Open House

The ReNew Sheppard East Study Open House took place on April 12, 2023. Materials related to this open house are available below:

Community Engagement Launch – March 28, 2022

Please contact the planner for further information or to receive copies of the panels or summary of events.

For a copy of the community consultation meeting video, please contact Michael Romero.

Provide your input into the ReNew Sheppard East Planning Study and influence the recommendations for the future of this area.

This study is being conducted in Don Valley North Ward 17 and Willowdale Ward 18.