A relationship with your child is the heart of healthy child development.


Building a positive relationship with your child will help you to understand what your child is experiencing and feeling. This will help them develop a healthy self-esteem, social skills and do well in school.

Tips for Positive Relationships

Fathering Makes a Difference

Being involved in the father role has many benefits.

Benefits for your child

  • Do better at school
  • Are happier
  • Are less stressed
  • Are less likely to get into trouble

Benefits for the mother role

  • Reduce a mother’s chance of having postpartum depression and anxiety
  • More likely to breastfeed as fathers are the biggest influence in a mother’s decision to breastfeed
  • Feel more competent when support and encouragement are provided

Benefits for the father role

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Better understanding of their child’s development and more reasonable expectations of what their child can and should be doing
  • Feel happier, less stressed and healthier

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