Important training modules for staff who work in shelters and 24-hour respite sites.

Client Level Report for Case Managers

The objective of this training is to support supervisors and staff who conduct housing focused case management in shelters and 24-hour respite sites and use the Shelter Management Information System (SMIS). The training will focus on safeguarding reports, accessing client level reports (including different sections) and how reports help with case management.

Review the training

This training was developed by Toronto Public Health to support staff in homelessness settings learn about Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) measures. The objective of this training is to help employees who work in shelters and 24-hour respite sites to increase their knowledge in IPAC and become familiar with IPAC best practices. This curriculum consists of the following modules that are required to be completed in the prescribed order.

Please review our general IPAC resources and references to supplement the curriculum. Once you complete each module please print the certificate of completion and send it to your Manager/Supervisor.

  1. Review Module 1: Introduction to Infection Prevention and Control
  2. Review Module 2: The Chain of Transmission
  3. Review Module 3: Routine Practices
  4. Review Module 4: Additional Precautions
  5. Review Module 5: Environmental Cleaning
  6. Review Module 6: Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Auditing
  7. Review Module 7: Preparing for and Preventing an Outbreak
  8. Review Module 8: Managing an Outbreak