SMIS eliminated time-consuming manual tasks and paper forms streamlining shelter operations and improving client services. Shelter staff can now quickly find available beds throughout the system and speed up client intake, admission and discharge.

The following information is designed to assist shelter staff who are using SMIS.

User Manual

The SMIS User Manual is now available online in accessible PDFs.


Hostel Services Guidelines – SMIS Implementation 2010-34
SMIS Role Access Guide
Health Alert-2012-42


SMIS Privacy Guidelines
SMIS Privacy Guideline Templates

Training and Documentation

SMIS Basic/Case Management Training Schedule and Details
Training Registration Form
Technical Requirements
Frequently Asked Questions
Correcting Incorrect Personal Client Information
SMIS Report Details 2014

Quick Reference Guides

Client Management Quick Reference
Case Management Quick Reference
Discharge Dispositions & Reasons Reference Sheet
Adding/Editing Rooms and Beds

Release Notes for New Versions

Release Notes – December 2017
Service Demand Enhancements User Guide December 2017
Release Notes – May 2017


Client Brochure
Client Poster
Staff Brochure
Collection of Information Notice
Collection of Information Phone Script
The Collection of Information Notice has been translated into the 14 languages: Arabic, Chinese, Chinese (Traditional), Dari, Farsi, French, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Tamil and Vietnamese.


Admission Form
Bed Check Log Template 
Bed Check Log Template  
Case Management Note
Consent Form
Discharge Form
Intake Form
Privacy Guidelines Templates
Service Restriction Form
SMIS ORG Template
User Access Request Form
User Agreement (POS Shelters)
Guide for Reporting Death of a Shelter Resident
Death of Shelter Resident Reporting Form
User Guideline (City Shelters)
User Guideline (Metro Hall)

Please check this site regularly for new information for SMIS users as it becomes available.