The City is planning to reconstruct the road on The Kingsway from Lambeth Road to Dundas Street West in 2021. Road reconstruction involves removing and replacing both the asphalt surface of the road and the concrete road base, as well as sections of curb and sidewalk, where needed. Road reconstruction typically takes place every 75 to 100 years and presents an opportunity for the City to improve the design of a street with consideration to current policies and design guidelines, as well as future needs of the community.

As part of the planned work, missing sidewalks will be installed on the west side of The Kingsway, from Dundas Street West to Lambeth Road, and on Wimbleton Road between Dundas Street West and the Humbertown Park driveway. The intersection of The Kingsway and Dundas Street West will be reconstructed with a new design that includes dedicated cycling infrastructure and a safer pedestrian crossing area.

Residents in the area of the project will receive a Pre-Construction Notice by mail with additional information about the planned work and what to expect ahead of and during construction.


The Kingsway is a Collector road with one travel lane in each direction and a speed limit of 40 km/hr. Daily traffic volume is approximately 4,500 vehicles. The street has no on-street parking, no bikeways and a boulevard sidewalk on the east side only. The intersection of The Kingsway and Dundas Street West currently has channelized lanes that allow for northbound right turns onto The Kingsway and westbound right turns onto Dundas Street West, separated by a large traffic island.

The section of The Kingsway from Dundas Street West to Lambeth Road was initially identified for resurfacing as part of the City’s Capital Works program. Further investigation into the condition of the road structure identified the need for more extensive reconstruction.

Planned Work

During construction, the City’s contractor will:

  • Remove and replace the asphalt road surface and concrete road base on The Kingsway and on a section of Dundas Street West
  • Remove the existing turn channels and concrete traffic islands at the intersection of Dundas Street West and The Kingway and construct a new, realigned intersection with sidewalks and dedicated bikeways (cycle tracks)
  • Remove the existing ditches on the west side of The Kingsway and install a new curb and stormwater drainage system with catch basins
  • Install new sidewalks on the west side of The Kingsway and the east side of Wimbleton Road
  • Improve ditches and sections of sidewalk on the east side of The Kingsway, where needed.

Missing Sidewalks

A ‘monolithic’ sidewalk will be installed on the west side of The Kingsway, from Dundas Street West to Lambeth Road. This design, in which a combined sidewalk and curb is located immediately adjacent to the roadway, was selected because it would have less impact on mature City trees and private landscaping than a boulevard sidewalk. Property owners on the west side of The Kingsway were notified directly about the planned sidewalk and potential impacts in the right-of-way.

A missing sidewalk will be installed on the east side of Wimbleton Road, from Dundas Street West to the Humbertown Park driveway (located approximately 50 m north of Dundas) to create a safe and continuous sidewalk connection to the park. The existing parking area will be converted to parallel parking to accommodate the sidewalk.

The City’s Missing Sidewalk Installation Policy specifies that sidewalks are to be installed on both sides of a street classified as ‘Collector’ during road reconstruction. This Council-approved policy is consistent with other City policies that support walking, pedestrian safety and the construction of sidewalks where they are missing.

Intersection Redesign

The redesign of the intersection of The Kingsway and Dundas Street West is being carried out to meet the objectives of the City’s Vision Zero Road Safety Plan to improve safety for of all road users, particularly people walking and cycling, and reduce traffic-related injuries and fatalities. The existing dedicated right turn channels at this intersection create poor sightlines and present significant barriers to persons with disabilities. The City of Toronto‚Äôs policy is to remove right turn channels where possible and not to build new ones.

The new intersection design includes

  • replacement of the turn channels with a ‘normalized’ T-shaped intersection
  • a raised pedestrian crossing area with tactile plates
  • a bi-directional bikeway on the north side of Dundas Street West from The Kingsway to Wimbleton Road and a short section of uni-directional bikeway to 40m east of The Kingsway
  • uni-directional bikeways on The Kingsway between Dundas Street West and Canterbury Crescent

The planned bikeways will facilitate a safe connection for people cycling between the existing bike lanes on Royal York Road and potential future cycling infrastructure on Dundas Street West, identified in the City’s Cycling Network Plan.

The new intersection design will:

  • reduce crossing distances for people walking and cycling
  • improve safety for people with low or no vision
  • reduce turning radii to lower vehicle turning speeds.

The intersection will remain unsignalized and the existing restriction on southbound left turns and eastbound left turns will be maintained.

The TTC will be relocating the existing bus stop on the north side of Dundas Street West closer to the intersection with Wimbleton Road.


Drawing of the redesigned intersection of The Kingsway and Dundas showing the new 'T' alignment, new sidewalk and cycle tracks in relation to the existing turn channels.

Map of planned work showing the location of missing sidewalks to be installed, location of road reconstruction and intersection reconstruction.

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Public Consultation

Typically, consultation with the public is not carried out as part of road reconstruction, intersection redesign or missing sidewalk projects where there are no changes to the number of lanes of traffic or impacts to private property. Where there are impacts to the City-owned right-of-way as a result of a project, adjacent property owners are notified in advance of construction to identify and minimize impacts to privately owned items, such as landscaping features.

Traffic Calming

The City of Toronto has a set process for considering traffic calming measures, such as speed humps. This process is carried out separately from road reconstruction and involves consideration of a number of factors, including road classification, measured traffic volumes and speeds, and support from local residents.


Currently street parking is not permitted on The Kingsway between Dundas Street West and Lambeth Road. There are no planned changes to existing parking regulations on The Kingsway. There will be minor changes to parking on Wimbleton Road in front of Humbertown Park.

Curb Modifications at Canterbury Crescent

As part of the planned work, the curb radius at the southeast corner of The Kingsway and Canterbury Crescent will be reduced and the sidewalk will be realigned, resulting in a narrower, T-shaped intersection. Reducing curb radii improves safety for people walking by reducing vehicle turning speeds and making pedestrians more visible to people driving.