The province of Ontario provides a wealth of useful information about moving here.
  • Save enough money to cover living expenses, such as rent, food, clothing and transportation, for up to six months.
  • Check the federal government’s useful advice for estimating how much it will cost you to live in Canada.
  • All Canadian residents are covered for major medical and hospital costs by provincial health insurance programs. Make sure to bring any health documents with you that can help your future doctor give you and your family the best care, including immunization records, lists of medical conditions and major surgeries, and lists of medications frequently taken.
  • Purchase private health insurance for the first three months in Canada.

Before you come, arrange for a place to stay for your first few nights.

  • Pack clothing for all weather conditions: hot, cold and rainy. You can learn about different weather conditions in the Weather section.
  • Learn about how to transport other belongings, such as your pets, vehicles or other large items.

Whether you’re taking transit, walking, cycling or driving, Toronto has one of the world’s most advanced transportation networks.

Public Transit

  • Learn about the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) which runs the buses, subways and streetcars in Toronto.
  • Check out Metrolinx to learn about transit options connecting to regions beyond central Toronto.


  • If you are from another country and staying in Canada for more than three months, you should get an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) from your own country to accompany your driver’s licence before you arrive in Canada.
  • Learn about the rules of the road for drivers in Toronto before arriving.
  • Check out the federal government’s information on how to study in Canada.
  • Learn about the many world-class universities and colleges in the Toronto region.
  • Look into provincial resources for immigrants wishing to study in Ontario.
  • Look into options for student housing for when you arrive in Toronto.