Ashbridge’s Bay – This is an extensive lakefront park, with recreational facilities including a skatepark, a boardwalk and a long sandy beach. Picnics, bird watching and hiking are all popular activities available at Ashbridges Bay.

Humber Arboretum – Situated in the West Humber River Valley, the Humber Arboretum offers a balance of managed and natural areas, featuring a wide variety of plants and wildlife. Several kilometres of self-guided trails connect the various areas of the Arboretum, providing a wonderful way to experience nature.

Humber Butterfly Habitat – This butterfly habitat features native wildflowers, shrubs, trees, grasses, sedges, and physical features known to support butterflies throughout all life cycles.

Milliken District Park – A large park with playgrounds, a splash pad, a children’s garden, trails and a pond, this is a great place to connect with the outdoors and watch for wildlife.

Riverdale Farm – A working farm in Toronto’s downtown,  children love to visit the animals (sheep, goats, chickens, pigs, horses and cows), talk to the farmers, stroll the many trails and enjoy a rural idyll in the city.

Franklin’s Children’s Garden –  Join Franklin and his friends at the Children’s Garden on the Toronto Islands. Child-size sculptures of Franklin, Bear, Beaver, Rabbit and Goose surround this fully accessible organic garden. Children can learn about fruits and vegetables, help water the plants, and play in the water feature.

Cedar Ridge Creative Centre And Gardens

The beautifully landscaped gardens at Cedar Ridge host a number of traditional elements such as arbours and outstanding views through the woods and scenic trails of these former estate grounds. Cedar Ridge Gardens surround a historic mansion built in 1912. The mansion, once an exclusive summer residence, is now home to the Cedar Ridge Creative Centre. The outdoor gardens can be permitted for wedding ceremonies and photography.

Kew Gardens

At the foot of Lee Avenue lies the Gardener’s Cottage, a historic building also known as Kew Williams House surrounded by attractive seasonal plantings.

Spadina House

An elegant Edwardian mansion with beautiful gardens, Spadina Museum offers a glimpse of Toronto during the 1900-1930 period. The six structures on the site include a stable/ gardener’s cottage circa 1850; and a greenhouse built in 1913. Guided tours of the house and garden, school programs, changing exhibits and workshops, and also hosts one-of-a-kind special events throughout the year.

Todmorden Mills

A 9.2-hectare wildflower preserve with a walking trail adjoins the Todmorden Mills museum site where a number of natural habitats can be explored, including upland and bottomland forests, dry and wet meadows, swamplands and a pond.