Weekend and holiday road closures continue to be in effect in High Park. From Monday to Friday, vehicles may enter at Parkside Drive and exit at Bloor Street West. TTC and Wheel-Trans are available.

Recognized as one of the most environmentally significant areas, approximately two-thirds of High Park remains in a natural state. Environmental management efforts within the Ravine Strategy and Biodiversity Strategy ensures the protection and preservation of this park. A jewel in the city’s park system, residents and visitors can enjoy its many wildlife, attractions, playgrounds and natural features year-round.

Public Transit

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) offers subway, bus, street car and wheel transit to take you to High Park.


Bicycles are allowed on all park roads and there are dedicated bike lanes on Centre Road and Colborne Lodge Drive. West Road and a portion of Colborne Lodge Drive are car-free routes.

Bicycles are also permitted on paved trails. People cycling must yield to pedestrians and people using mobility devices on multi-use trails – slow down, be courteous, and be prepared to stop.

Bicycle parking can be found throughout the park and near some park buildings. Please do not lock bicycles to other structures or trees.

Bike Share Toronto operates 10 stations within and around the park including at main entrances and facilities.

For more information on cycling infrastructure available in and around High Park, view the City’s Cycling Network Map.

Cycling is encouraged within City parks and people cycling must observe applicable by-laws, including traffic by-laws and parks by-laws in Chapter 608 of the Toronto Municipal Code. Learn more about cycling safely on Toronto’s streets and trails.


Pedestrians are reminded to please stick to sidewalks and formal trails to help protect sensitive natural areas. Unpaved trails are not maintained in winter.

There are six paved trails and/or sidewalk entrances to High Park, from:

There are six paved trails and/or sidewalk entrances to High Park:

  • Colborne Lodge Drive
  • High Park Boulevard
  • Spring Road from Parkside Drive
  • Colborne Lodge Drive at Bloor Street West and The Queensway
  • High Park Loop


  • Visitor vehicles are permitted within High Park from Monday to Friday
  • The main entrance for visitor vehicles is at Parkside Drive and High Park Boulevard.
  • The main exit for visitor vehicles is at Bloor Street West and High Park Avenue. Visitor vehicles may not enter at this location.
  • Vehicle access to the Children’s Garden and Colborne Lodge via the Queensway is provided Monday to Friday. This location does not provide access through the park.
  • Authorized vehicles, such as TTC, emergency services and operational vehicles are permitted on all park roads at all times.


There are 276 vehicle parking spaces within High Park:

  • 142 parking spaces are available at Grenadier Café parking lot from Monday to Friday
  • 79 parking spaces are available at the High Park Zoo parking lot from Monday to Friday
  • 34 parallel parking spaces are available along the east side of Colborne Lodge Drive from Monday to Friday
  • 21 parking spaces are available at Spring Road Parking Lot, seven days a week

Over 1200 additional parking spaces are located within 800 metres of High Park through nearby Green P and Precise ParkLink parking lots. On-street parking is available along Bloor Street West and Parkside Drive.

High Park Movement Strategy has more information on the recent changes implemented and planned improvements.


Dogs are welcome in High Park. Owners and/or commercial dog walkers should make sure all dogs are leashed unless in the dogs off-leash area. Remember to dispose of pet waste in the appropriate waste receptacle or green bin located throughout the park.

Dogs off-leash areas are located:

  • along the east side of Colborne Lodge Drive and north of Centre Road
  • near the east edge of Allotment Lane – Allotment Lane itself is on-leash only

Review maps and signs within the park for locations of off-leash and on-leash areas.


Fishing is allowed in Grenadier Pond along a designated section of the pond’s shoreline from the Maple Leaf Garden down to the park entrance at The Queensway and Colborne Lodge Drive. Grenadier Pond is an environmentally significant area. When fishing, be sure to follow all Ontario fishing regulations and rules.


Allotment Gardens

Allotment gardens are for individuals to plant flowers and vegetables. Garden allotments are in high demand. Existing allotment bookings can renew and new bookings must join a waitlist for available space.

Children’s Programming

The High Park Children’s Gardening and Teaching Kitchen has registered and drop-in gardening, nature and cooking programs for children and youth.

Jamie Bell Playground

Jamie Bell Adventure Playground located by Duck Pond offers a unique display of children’s play with castle tops, ropes, swings, ladders and slides.


Skate at the artificial ice rink in High Park during the winter. It is located north of the outdoor pool along Colborne Lodge Drive and is open from November to March (weather permitting).

Sports Fields and Facilities

  • Three tennis courts are located on the east side of Colborne Lodge Drive near High Park Outdoor Pool
  • Three baseball diamonds are located between Colborne Lodge Drive and West Road near High Park Outdoor Pool
  • Two soccer fields are located between Colborne Lodge Drive and West Road near High Park Outdoor Pool
  • Pickleball players can use tennis courts and the artificial ice rink/dry pad as courts
  • Ball hockey players can use the artificial ice rink/dry pad next to High Park outdoor pool

Permit holders take precedence over general court use.

Swimming and Water Play

  • The outdoor pool is located along Colborne Lodge Drive at Allotment Lane and offers drop-in swimming programs
  • The wading pool is located along West Road, west of picnic area three
  • Splash pads are located near the outdoor pool and the wading pool

Visit Swim and Water Play for complete information on swimming in Toronto.

Canadian Stage Amphitheatre

Situated across from the Grenadier Café, watch performances presented by Canadian Stage.

Colborne Lodge

Built in 1837 by John and Jemima Howard, Colborne Lodge is a museum nestled on the south-end of High Park. It’s an active hub for community events in High Park, with cottage and garden tours, special events, workshops, and more.

High Park Animal Display

Established in 1893, the High Park Animal Display is Canada’s oldest animal attraction, originally housing deer. Fast-forward to today, the facility is home to many different animal species from around the world such as bison, llamas, peacocks, reindeer and highland cattle.

High Park Nature Centre

The High Park Nature Centre is located in the former High Park Forest School and is a non-profit organization supported by the City that offers programs for all ages. Programs include nature walks, workshops and camps.

Public Art and Sculptures

Take a two-hour journey through High Park and view the public art showcased through ArtworxTO. Many of the works date from the 1967 International Sculpture Symposium. The majority of the tour uses paved trails and sidewalks but there are certain works that are only accessible by natural trails.

Trackless Train

  • 30-minutes long
  • Runs daily
    • spring, summer and fall
    • from 10:30 a.m. to dusk
  • Buy tickets from the train operator
    • $7 for adults
    • $5 for children aged three and up
    • $5 for older adults over 65
  • Weather permitting

This scenic ride weaves through the park, picking up other passengers along the way. A ticket allows for one stop-over, so you can take the train to your favourite spot, enjoy your stay in the park and hop back on.

Special group rates may be available.


The Grenadier Café is operated by the Grenadier Group and is located in the heart of High Park off of Colborne Lodge Drive.

Black Oak Café is a seasonal fast food restaurant located on West Road in the northwest part of the Park.

All Star Café is a seasonal fast food restaurant that is located on Colborne Lodge Drive nearby picnic area 15.

Picnic Areas

High Park has 15 picnic areas throughout the park that are available for booking from May to September. Groups are allowed to permit one picnic site, per event, per day. Leave the area cleaner than you found it. Dispose of your litter and recycling into the closest waste and blue bin or take it home with you.

Black Oak Savannah

High Park contains remnants of Black Oak savannah, a globally rare and threatened ecosystem. Less than 3 per cent of this ecosystem remains after European settlement. Although this ecosystem can be found in other parks such as Lambton Park and South Humber Park, High Park contains the most significant area of tallgrass savannah, prairie and woodland in Toronto with approximately 23 hectares.

Cherry Blossoms

High Park is home to many cherry blossom trees which are located throughout the park and is just one of many locations across the City to view them. Peak bloom usually occurs in late April, early May and blossoms typically last between four to 10 days, depending on weather conditions.


Hillside Gardens

This extensive collection of gardens lies in the centre of High Park and features a dynamic mix of cultivated and more natural plantings. It runs from Cherry Hill down towards the pond and back up to Colborne Lodge Drive.

The Hanging Garden

The hanging gardens is located in the centre of High Park that features a trellis structure with hanging flower baskets with annual flowers that is only up in the spring and summer months.

Maple Leaf Garden

Officially opened by Queen Elizabeth during her visit to Toronto in 1958, the maple leaf garden is an impressive floral display that is in the shape of a giant maple leaf. It’s located at the bottom of Cherry Hill beside Grenadier Pond.

The Sunken Garden

The sunken garden is located in the centre of High Park and features pools and fountains landscaped by hedges. Adjacent to this garden are magnolia and eastern redbud trees.

Grenadier Pond

Grenadier Pond is home to many species of flora and fauna. For a number of years, this area of High Park has been designated as an Environmentally Significant Area and an Area of Natural and Scientific Interest. In 2022, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry designated Grenadier Pond as a Provincially Significant Wetland Complex based on a wetland evaluation conducted by the Toronto Region and Conservation Authority.


Immerse yourself in nature and adventure through some of the many natural trails located throughout High Park. All trail users have a responsibility to be considerate and respectful to all. Please stay on the designated paths and follow all posted signage and rules.