Toronto City Hall Press Gallery Contacts

Latest list of reporters, columnists and other media covering Toronto City Hall, as well as assignment desks/news editors for most media outlets in Toronto.

Last update: December 5, 2017

City Hall Press Gallery Accreditation

The City Hall Press Gallery Accreditation Policy & Procedure took effect July 31, 2012, following Council approval and applies to journalists who work at City Hall in offices leased by their media outlets. Accredited City Hall journalists receive an identification badge to facilitate access within the building. Older City identification badges are no longer active.

Download the policy, procedure and application form and read these carefully before submitting a completed application. The form is fillable for most fields, but a copy must be printed and submitted to the Strategic Communications Division with original signatures.

Applications from new City Hall Press Gallery members are accepted on an ongoing basis and reviewed monthly. There are no changes to access procedures for other members of the media who cover City Hall news, meetings and events.