A Community Safety Zone (CSZ) is a designated stretch of roadway marked with community safety zone signs which are recognized under provincial legislation and allows the doubling of fines associated with speeding within the Community Safety Zone and, once the applicable sections of Bill 65, Safer School Zones Act, 2017 are proclaimed in force, the use of an automated speed enforcement system will be permitted within the zone as well.

In 2018, City Council lifted the moratorium on the creation of new Community Safety Zones and designated the frontages of all elementary and high (kindergarten to grade 12) Toronto District School Board (TDSB) and Toronto Catholic District School Boards (TCDSB) schools within the City as CSZ in order to help reduce aggressive driving and speeding in areas within the City that have higher concentrations of school children. By doing so, these zones are assured to be eligible for automated speed enforcement under the Highway Traffic Act in the event an enabling regulation is enacted by the Province, while providing the immediate benefit of speeding fines being doubled along these key walking and biking routes to schools.

The implementation of 181 CSZs at schools is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.