Toronto’s ambitious climate action strategy – TransformTO – identifies the actions we need to take to reduce community-wide greenhouse gas [GHG] emissions by 65 per cent by 2030, and net zero by 2040.

Meeting our targets will require big changes in how we live, work, build, travel and more. Homes and buildings, vehicles, and waste are the largest sources of emissions in Toronto today.

The climate emergency requires urgent action. All Toronto residents, communities and businesses can do their part.

Learn what you can do and find City programs and resources to help you get started.

Let’s TransformTO together!

Homes & Buildings

2030 Targets:
  • All new homes and buildings will be designed and built to be near zero greenhouse gas emissions
Here’s what you can do:
  • Replace your gas furnace with an electric air-source heat pump
  • Retrofit your home – start with a home energy audit, seal drafts, upgrade your windows, insulation and appliances
  • Get a programmable thermostat
  • Consider a green or cool roof when replacing your roof
  • Reduce your energy and water use, especially during peak hours
  • Use LED bulbs, turn off lights and unplug electronics when not in use


2030 Targets:
  • 30 per cent of registered vehicles in Toronto are electric
  • 75 per cent of school/work trips under 5km are walked, biked or by transit
Here’s what you can do:
  • Walk, cycle or take transit for trips under 5 km
  • Use transit, carpool or telework as a part of your regular routine
  • Take the bus or train instead of flying
  • Choose electric or hybrid vehicles over gas-powered
  • Don’t idle your vehicle


2030 Targets:
  • 70 per cent residential waste diversion from the City of Toronto’s waste management system
  • Identify pathways to more sustainable consumption in City of Toronto operations and in Toronto’s economy
Here’s what you can do:
  • Buy less
  • Repair, share, swap or donate as much as possible
  • Choose products with minimal packaging
  • Recycle right; check the Waste Wizard if you’re not sure what goes where
  • Buy used and vintage items more often
  • Enjoy more plant-based foods
  • Reduce food waste
  • Compost food scraps


2030 Targets:
  • 50 per cent of community-wide energy comes from renewable or low-carbon sources
  • 25 per cent of commercial and industrial floor area is connected to low carbon thermal energy sources
Here’s what you can do:
Homes & Buildings:
Move Better:
Waste Less:

The City launched the TransformTO Getting TO Net Zero public consultations in the summer of 2021 to support the development of the TransformTO Net Zero Strategy. Participants were asked to assist the City in prioritizing key climate actions in buildings, energy, transportation and waste, as identified in previous consultations. During this process from late June to early August, 2021, over 1,000 survey responses were received, 10 community discussions were held, and over 100 ideas were posted to the online ideas board.

The results from this round of public consultation align well with the overall themes noted in previous consultations. The highest priority actions for Toronto residents continue to be:

  • building retrofits and fuel switching (away from fossil fuels, such as natural gas)
  • the Toronto Green Standard sustainable design requirements for new buildings,
  • increased local renewable energy generation,
  • enhancements to public and active transportation,
  • improved waste management,
  • increased tree canopy,
  • and greater emphasis on climate in decision making.


Net Zero Advisory Group

Also in 2021, a Net Zero External Advisory Group comprised of 25 diverse stakeholder organizations, including youth organizations, provided input on draft elements of the Net Zero Strategy and equity considerations. In addition to providing sector-specific expert advice, participants emphasized the urgency of ambitious action to meet 2030 targets, the need for an equitable approach to implementation, and the need for collaboration, support, policies, and leadership by all levels of government and the private sector to enable net zero.


Community Engagement Workshop

As a part of TransformTO implementation, the City’s Environment and Energy Division convened a network of multi-disciplinary stakeholders to help support city-wide community engagement in climate action.

In January 2019, over 80 community partners were brought together in a collaborative workshop. Participants recommended a list of key actions, and projects ideas that can help engage Torontonians in climate action. More information about the recommendations and next steps is summarized in the Climate Change Engagement Workshop Report.

Efforts are underway to support projects and partnerships that formed as a result of the workshop. Please contact Tamara Grossutti or Megan MacLean for potential partnership opportunities and to find out more.


Climate Perceptions and Attitudes Surveys

In 2018 and 2021, the City commissioned surveys to capture residents’ perceptions on climate change and to better understand their willingness to take action in the community. The results from these surveys assist the City in engaging with Torontonians on climate action, and in establishing and measuring climate action priorities and goals.

2018 Survey Report
2021 Survey Report


To support ongoing community leadership and engagement in climate action, the City offers the following:

Please contact Tamara Grossutti or Megan MacLean if you require any support.

Learn more about the TransformTO strategy.