First Capital REIT (FCR) is a leading owner, operator, and developer of mixed-use real estate located in Canada’s most densely populated cities. FCR’s focus is on creating thriving urban neighbourhoods to generate value for businesses, residents, communities, and investors.

FCR has taken the position of being a leader in sustainable and low-carbon practices as a real estate developer and property manager. Starting as early as 2010, FCR has committed to incorporating sustainability into the core of the real estate cycle, from acquisitions and developments through to operations.

Early commitments include constructing all new builds to LEED Silver standards and retrofitting all of its exterior and parking lot lighting to LEDs. FCR also incorporates metrics of walkability, transit friendly-ness, and neighbourhood density into its business strategy.

FCR’s sustainability and ESG objectives are guided by its executive leadership through the ESG Roadmap. Highlights of the ESG Roadmap include planning for net zero carbon emissions and engaging tenants in sustainability.

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Accomplishments at the Building Portfolio

  • Number of buildings enrolled in the portfolio in GWI: 8 of 8
  • GHG Emissions Intensity: 3.78 kgCO₂e/sq ft²/yr
  • Total GHG Emissions: 7, 562 tCO₂e/yr

Established Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) Roadmap

In 2019, FCR established an ESG Taskforce comprised of executive and senior level representatives from multiple departments, and in 2020 the Taskforce collaborated and developed a 5-year ESG Roadmap, setting out companywide goals and objectives in climate resiliency, property energy/carbon emission performance, tenant engagement and more.

Highlights relating to GHG emissions at the building level include:

  • Develop emission and energy reduction targets for 2025 & 2030, with the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.
  • Identify opportunities for renewable energy.
  • Set a 3-year target for waste diversion and waste reduction across our portfolio for implementation in 2021.
  • Conduct water audits at a representative sample of properties and develop a water efficiency plan.
  • Submeter all property common area water use.
  • Develop process to collect tenant property utility data for analysis and regulatory reporting.

Utility Database “Envizi” for Energy & GHG Tracking and Reporting

In 2020, FCR procured a new utility data management software, Envizi, and will develop improved energy and GHG reporting for all its properties. While the switch to Envizi is new, FCR has had a utility management system since 2010. FCR takes pride in being an early adopter in energy management and continues to seek the most innovative solution.

Tenant Sustainable Operations Guide

In 2020, FCR released a Guide to Sustainable Operations for their retail tenants. The guide has action items relating to HVAC, lighting, windows/doors, waste management, the indoor environment, and business specific equipment.

As the majority of FCR’s tenants are in the retail sector, they have varied and substantial plug loads. It’s crucial to engage tenants in conversation work to drive energy savings from our tenants’ operational practices at the properties.

BOMA Best Designation for 82 per cent of the portfolio in Toronto

FCR has committed to certifying its entire portfolio under the BOMA Best certification. Presently, FCR has certified 31 out of the total 38 FCR properties located in Toronto.

Highlights include one Gold certified property and three Silver certified properties. FCR will be upgrading the certification levels of the properties in small groups each year.

EV Installation of 15 Chargers at seven properties across Toronto

FCR is continuing to expand its network of EV chargers across its portfolio in 2021 including seven properties within Toronto:

  • Cedarbrae Mall
  • Chartwell Shopping Centre
  • Shops at King Liberty
  • 85 Hanna Ave.
  • 1670 Bayview Ave.
  • 3080 Yonge Street
  • One Bloor Street East

CaGBC LEED Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance Gold Certification at 85 Hanna Ave. and 3080 Yonge Street

To recognize FCR’s excellence in building operations, FCR went through the CaGBC LEED Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance process for 85 Hanna Ave. and 3080 Yonge Street. Both properties have received the Gold certification.

Disclaimer: Profiles presented are based on information provided by participants. Participants’ GHG emissions performance published are based on utility data submitted and converted to GHG emissions. The emission factors applied aligns with the period of energy data reported (2019). The emission factors utilized for the conversion are calculated based on a combination of sources: Government of Canada (National Inventory Report & Canada’s Proposed Greenhouse Gas Quantification Requirements), Government of Ontario (Guide: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting), The Atmospheric Fund (A Clearer View on Ontario’s Emissions – Electricity emissions factors and guidelines) and Enbridge Gas Inc. (Chemical Composition of Natural Gas).