Oxford Properties Group (“Oxford”) is a leading global real estate investor, asset manager and business builder. It builds, buys and grows defined real estate operating business with world-class management teams. Established in 1960, Oxford and its portfolio companies manage approximately C$70 billion of assets across four continents on behalf of their investment partners. Oxford’s owned portfolio encompasses office, logistics, retail, multifamily residential, life sciences and hotels; it spans more than 150 million square feet in global gateway cities and high-growth hubs. A thematic investor with a committed source of capital, Oxford invests in properties, portfolios, development sites, debt, securities and real estate businesses across the risk-reward spectrum. Together with its portfolio companies, Oxford is one of the world’s most active developers with over 100 projects currently underway globally across all major asset classes. Oxford is owned by the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS), the Canadian defined benefit pension plan for Ontario’s municipal employees.

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Accomplishments at the Building Portfolio

  • Number of Buildings Enrolled: 29 of 29
  • GHG Emissions Intensity: 2.57 kgCO₂e/sq ft²/yr
  • Total GHG Emissions: 40, 319 tCO₂e/yr

Peak demand curtailment resulting in $8M in avoided energy costs

Oxford’s Sustainability team completed an in-depth energy and electricity rate analysis to determine the best financial option for Global Adjustment participation. Buildings are advised to curtail electricity demand use during the provincial peaks with the support of an in-house peak notification tool. Since 2015, 12 buildings in the Toronto portfolio avoided $8M in energy costs.

Over 260,000 sq. ft. of Solar Panels across Retail Portfolio

Yorkdale Shopping Centre (Toronto, Canada) features 600 rooftop solar panels, installed on 25,000 sq. ft., generating over 234,000 kWh of clean electricity per year – equivalent to three months of interior and exterior lighting at the property. In 2020, Scarborough Town Centre (Scarborough, Canada) installed over 900 panels, on 54,000 sq. ft., generating 374,000 kWh of clean electricity annually. More recently, Square One (Mississauga, Canada) installed 2,250 solar panels on 96,000 sq. ft. of rooftop which will generate 920,000 kWh of clean electricity per year.

One hundred per cent LED Conversion at the InterContinental Hotel

Completed in 2019, this five-year LED conversion project drove 20 per cent reduction in electricity consumption and $270,000 in annual cost savings at the InterContinental Hotel.

Created GHG Emission Reduction Action Plans for all property teams

Investment in training and development for continual climate action learnings. Oxford’s corporate energy leaders held a Target 2025 Workshop in 2018, with a focus on expanding thinking beyond energy conservation into GHG emission reduction. The workshops produced tangible Carbon Reduction Action Plans for all property teams and are expected to continue in the long-term.

Established and disclosed GHG emission reduction targets of 30 per cent, on a per square foot basis, by 2025 across entire international portfolio

Oxford’s GHG emission reduction targets include reduction in Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions*, on a per square foot basis, by 30 per cent by 2025, based on a 2015 baseline year.

*Scope 1 are direct emissions from onsite combustion e.g. natural gas boilers. Scope 2 are indirect emissions from energy use in our buildings e.g. electricity, steam, chilled water, etc.

Fault Detection Diagnostics for GHG and Energy Reduction Opportunities across 19 Buildings

Oxford’s fault detection diagnostics (FDD) software pulls data from building systems (BAS, lighting and energy meters) in real-time, processes the data, and then alerts operations teams to opportunities to improve building performance. Oxford is collecting and processing data from 19 buildings across their portfolio every 15 minutes – more than 15 billion data points per year. This big data has pointed to big opportunities across the portfolio and enabled Oxford to hit a major milestone of $1 million in cumulative opportunities identified.


Disclaimer: Profiles presented are based on information provided by participants. Participants’ GHG emissions performance published are based on utility data submitted and converted to GHG emissions. The emission factors applied aligns with the period of energy data reported (2019). The emission factors utilized for the conversion are calculated based on a combination of sources: Government of Canada (National Inventory Report & Canada’s Proposed Greenhouse Gas Quantification Requirements), Government of Ontario (Guide: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting), The Atmospheric Fund (A Clearer View on Ontario’s Emissions – Electricity emissions factors and guidelines) and Enbridge Gas Inc. (Chemical Composition of Natural Gas).