Our staff

Reference staff serve members of the public and City staff, and respond to a wide array of reference questions in person, over the phone and online.

While our reference staff do not carry out research on your behalf, they are available to provide advice on your research strategies, recommendations on archival collections, and to assist you with the handling and use of archival material.

Basic rules

To help the city’s archival records last, please follow these simple rules:

  • show your card and sign in every time you visit
  • place all bags, purses and coats in the lockers
  • leave food and drink outside
  • use only pencils to take notes
  • do not mark or fold archival materials

When looking at archival records:

  • open only one box at a time
  • remove only one file at a time
  • do not rearrange documents within a file
  • wear cotton gloves when handling photographs or negatives

The Research Hall is monitored using closed-circuit television. We may ask to inspect your notebooks or any bags before they are removed from the Research Hall or the building.

Failure to observe these guidelines could result in a suspension of research privileges.