Multi-Tenant House Licensing Tribunal Forms will be made available in April 2024.

The process of filing an appeal with the Multi-Tenant House Licensing Tribunal is governed by the Tribunal’s Rules of Procedure and the City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 575. It is important for multi-tenant house owners and operators to be familiar with the rules and legislative requirements outlined in the Municipal Code, as they indicate who can appeal, the procedure for filing an appeal, and the deadlines. Compliance with these time limits is crucial, as failure to do so may result in forfeiting the right to appeal. 

The information below serves as a resource to assist in navigating the appeal submission process. However, it should not be considered a substitute for legal or professional advice. Multi-tenant house owners and operators are encouraged to consult the Tribunal’s Rules of Procedure and the City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 575 for complete and authoritative information. 

If your application for a multi-tenant house licence has been refused, you can appeal this decision to the Multi-Tenant House Licensing Tribunal. Make sure to file your appeal within the time limit set by the City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 575. 

If your appeal is within this time limit, you may proceed with filing it. 

To start your appeal, you need to fill out the ‘Notice of Appeal – Form 1’. Make sure to provide all the details asked for in the form, along with any additional information required under City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 575. 

All Tribunal forms are available in a fillable PDF format on our Forms Webpage. You can also request these forms directly from the Tribunal. While filling out the form, please type your information. If you need to write by hand, ensure your handwriting is clear and easy to read. 

Once you have filled out the ‘Notice of Appeal – Form 1’, you can submit it to the Tribunal in one of two ways: 

  • By Email: Send the completed form to the tribunal’s email address.
  • In-Person: Drop off the form at the tribunal office during business hours.

Remember, your appeal must be submitted within the set time limit. There is no fee to file an appeal. 

For more details on how to submit your form, please refer to the instructions on the ‘Notice of Appeal – Form 1’ itself. 

When we receive your ‘Notice of Appeal – Form 1’, our staff will check: 

  • Completeness: All sections of the form must be fully completed.
  • Timeliness: The appeal must be filed within the legal time limits.

If your appeal does not meet these criteria, we will not be able to process it. We will inform you of any missing information or if your appeal is late. In case of late submission, the appeal will not be processed further.  

If we contact you about an incomplete form, you can continue the appeal process by providing the necessary information by the specified deadline. 

After we receive your completed ‘Notice of Appeal – Form 1’, here’s what happens next: 

  1. Notice of Hearing: We will send you a ‘Notice of Hearing’ with details about your hearing, including the date, time and location.
  2. Serving Documents: All forms and materials you submit must be in PDF format. You also need to send these documents to the Executive Director of Municipal Licensing & Standards.
  3. Hearing Agenda: The agenda for your hearing will be posted online at least one week before the hearing date.
  4. Public Access: The materials you submit may be included in the agenda or decisions and are accessible to the public upon request.
  5. Final Decisions: Decisions made at the Tribunal are final and binding.

If the Executive Director of Municipal Licensing and Standards (MLS) has concerns about a licence application or an existing licence, they can refer it to the Multi-Tenant House Licensing Tribunal. This referral might recommend that the licence be refused, revoked, suspended, or continued with conditions, and will include reasons for this recommendation. 

Here’s what happens with a referral: 

  1. Serving the Referral: Once the Tribunal receives the referral, it will be sent to the licensee. The Tribunal will also inform both the licensee and MLS about the receipt of the referral.
  2. Administrative Screening: The Tribunal staff will check the ‘Notice of Referral’ to ensure it’s fully completed.
  3. Notice of Hearing: After receiving a complete ‘Notice of Referral – Form 2’, the Tribunal will issue a ‘Notice of Hearing’ with details about your hearing, including the date, time, and location.
  4. Updating Information: If you are an applicant or licensee with a referral hearing and need to update your contact, representative, or accessibility information, please fill out and submit the ‘Applicant/Operator Information – Form 6.